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UAB Should Go Dancing

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on March 13, 2008

Editor’s Note:  You can catch this post and tons of other material over at Doc’s personal blog, Southern Girls and Sports.


Recently, I had a discussion with one of my clueless friends on the issue of having UAB in the Big Dance, a place they went to three straight years from 2004-2006, including their shocking upset of Kentucky in 2004.

One of my arguments about this issue is the fact that the Blazers have an RPI of 49, finished second in Conference USA, nearly beat Memphis at home and beat Kentucky in Louisville.

My second point was the fact that, outside of Memphis, the Blazers, which has Robert Vaden and former Raleigh-Egypt standout Lawrence Kinnard, could make a nice run in the Tournament — maybe even making the Sweet Sixteen and changing the perception of Conference USA, which has been nothing more than a one-team league since the 2005-06 season.

And the last point, judging from what happened last year when Central Florida and Southern Miss both won 20 games and didn’t go anywhere, something like that would be a sight to behold in the conference.

That is, if UAB doesn’t screw up in their first game on Thursday.


10 Responses to “UAB Should Go Dancing”

  1. MoonDog said

    I posted at your RSB site about this. I guess I’m clueless.

  2. Matt said

    It is all good, this was just a duplicate…Doc’s on Spring Break at the moment…

  3. MoonDog said

    I wish I was on spring break. Yea Doc thinks UAB should be in the field of 65, but I had to disagree. They lost in the C-USA tourney today so they can kiss their chances good-bye.

  4. Matt said

    Yeap. He text me from the game…not too happy…

    He wrote that before the game…but the Blazers blew up his spot…

    They’ll be more than ‘The Last Four Out’…probably ‘The Next For Out’ at best…

  5. Condo said

    UAB is done for… a loss to Tulsa was the back-breaker, even though I personally think they would have had to AT LEAST get to the championship game and play Memphis in a close game to have any sort of shot at an at-large.

    Definitely gives a little more breathing room to a few more bubble teams to see one of the other teams burst their own bubble. Also, Baylor I think is now squarely on the bubble and maybe on the outside looking in…. you cannot lose to the worst team in your conference in the first round of the tourney when you are being considered ‘barely ahead of the last 4 in’ in the first place. I think Baylor will probably get moved to ‘last 4 out status’ now.

  6. Dizzla said

    C-USA is and probably will be a 1 bid league for another decade. Memphis isnt a big fish in a small pond, they are a whale in a puddle

  7. Matt said

    THIS: “Memphis isnt a big fish in a small pond, they are a whale in a puddle.”

    Is a better analogy.

    Thanks, Dizzla!

  8. Pretty cool and accurate analogy I must say.


  9. BlazerTalk said

    I know this is incredibly late, but UAB went to the Dance for 3 straight years… ’04, ’05, and ’06.

    2004: Beat Washington & Kentucky, lost to Kansas
    2005: Beat LSU, lost to Arizona
    2006: Lost to Kentucky

    You can go ahead and tell your clueless friend that UAB will return to the Big Dance in ’09.

  10. Matt said

    It is never incredibly late for a good discussion but do you have to go and make personal attacks?

    It was an honest mistake, if you’re not mature enough to handle honest mistakes then don’t come back. Otherwise, we appreciate the interest and would like to see you back for civil discussion.

    Thanks for reading!

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