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Falcons’ Fans Would Rather Have The Felon

Posted by Matt on March 13, 2008


The crown jewel of Matt Millen’s 2002 Detroit draft class has reportedly resigned with the Atlanta Falcons with a 2-year, undisclosed deal prompting the Atlanta Falcons fan(s) to question if Michael Vick, with good behavior, could be out in time for the start of the 2008 NFL season.  At one point, Atlanta also had Byron Leftwich in the quarterback fold over the course of the 2007 season but now seems content to watch Chris Redman, Joey Harrington, and former Georgia Bulldog D.J. Shockley dog-fight it out (too soon?) for the starting slot during Training Camp this summer.

After being embarrassed by Michael Vick, abandoned by Bobby Petrino, and spurned by Bill Parcells, seeing Joey Harrington back on the field is probably just insult to injury.  The last two remaining fans who didn’t jump off of the 17th Street Bridge in Atlanta in to the oncoming traffic of I-75 after the debacle that was the Atlanta Falcons’ 2007 campaign must really have to question if they’ll ever field a competitor again…

Anybody know Dan Reeves’ and Chris Chandler’s phone numbers?

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6 Responses to “Falcons’ Fans Would Rather Have The Felon”

  1. MoonDog said

    I’m not a Falcon fan but they have officially become the most down-trodden team in the NFL, even more so than the Dolphins. At least the Dolphins are going in the right direction. The Falcons are going to have a long road back.

  2. Matt said

    No kidding, man. You said it best…down-trodden. I mean, I am down on my Bengals nearly all of the time…but then I think of the Falcons’ fans and calm down a bit.

  3. Shea said

    Michael Vick is an example of how one man can single-handedly spell the demise for an entire franchse. Well, yeah, Bobby Petrino quitting on the team didn’t help matters much either. Drafting Matt Ryan, their qb of the future, would at least be a good start to the slow rebuilding process.

  4. Matt said

    Agred…the one-two punch of Vick/Petrino has dismantled a franchise.

    Thanks for the comments, Shea…we’ve added you to the blogroll!!!!

    I’ll have to get Bob Swerski to check out your site…he’s a Chicago homer…

  5. MoonDog said

    The Bengals have just got to get that defense squared away once and for all. Man if they had some D, who knows?

  6. Matt said

    EXACTLY. Couldn’t have said it better myself…

    And isn’t Marvin Lewis some defensive guru?? That’s what Bungles fans were all lead to believe when they were looking to hire him…

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