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Bubbles Bursting

Posted by Matt on March 11, 2008


The San Diego Torreros upset Gonzaga last night in the WCC Championship to punch their ticket to The Big Dance. Suddenly, Kentucky’s home lost to SD doesn’t look quite so bad but at the same time, yet another bubble burst in an area where Kentucky has little room for error. San Diego’s victory likely sent Syracuse packing, at least for the time being, and now Boeheim’s boys have some work to do in the Big East (as do Gary Williams’ Terrapins). Thankfully Davidson took care of business last night saving the spot for middle-of-the-pack majors and Drake had previously notched the MVC Championship; however, at least three more tickets are handed out tonight with two games likely having bubble bursting potential.

#10 Butler at 28-3 squares off against Cleveland State in the Horizon League Championship and Butler can end Cleveland State’s hopes with a win as the Vikings aren’t at-large material at 21-11 (21-12 with a loss). But if Cleveland State can some how pull out the victory, Butler still earns a spot in the NCAA Tournament with what would be a 28-4 overall record meaning a team like Oregon out of the Pac 10 finds themselves on the outside looking in.

The other bubble watch game-of-the-night is the Sun Belt Championship game between Middle Tennessee State at 17-14 taking on the 24-6 bubble team of Western Kentucky. MTSU already killed one team’s hopes with their upset of conference-favorite South Alabama — a team likely in regardless — last night and could take out yet another borderline team with an upset over Western tonight.

If Middle Tennessee does win, it remains to be seen whether or not it would be Western’s spot revoked or if it would be yet another middle-of-the-pack major such as Ohio State, Arizona State, or even two-time defending Champion Florida heading to the NIT. What is for certain, though, is a Western win means likely only two Sun Belt teams gain invitations as MTSU is far from at-large material. To be safe, all those on the cusp must root for the favorites tonight and, in this case, the Western Kentucky Big Red Blobs.

More teams will be going dancing by the end of the night and more teams will be going home and for Kentucky’s best interests I’ll be pulling for Butler and Western Kentucky.


4 Responses to “Bubbles Bursting”

  1. Dannie said

    San Diego and Mid Tenn State makes it that much harder for the hometown Big Five schools to continue their NCAA tournament streak. Nova got a big one today though. Temple is next.

  2. Condo said

    Mid Tenn State thankfully for the ‘big schools’ lost in the finals last night to Western Kentucky. So the Sun Belt will probably get 2 schools and the WCC will most likely get 3. The MVC probably only gets 1 thanks to the 30 point schalacking Illinois State received from Drake. The Horizon will now only get 1 thanks to Butler taking care of business against Cleveland State last night.

    If I am a ‘big school’ I’d also be rooting for Kent State to win the MAC this weekend otherwise there’s a possibility of 2 MAC schools getting in to the dance as well.

    Been a very interesting week thus far and it will only get crazier I’m sure as the week progresses into Sunday.

  3. Matt said

    By the way, helluva a site Dannie!

  4. Matt said

    And I’ve add you guys to the Friends Of…

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