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The Pole Vault Is My Favorite Sport

Posted by Matt on March 5, 2008

stokke2.pngPole vaulter Allison Stokke became an overnight internet sensation last year thanks to the guys over at With Leather and this picture:


Well Stokke is back on the scene as a member of the Cal Golden Bears track team with the picture to the left making its rounds.

The main positive we’re dealing with here is at least we’re all for sure now that she is, in fact, legal. That being said, her rise to internet fame over the past twelve months has reportedly freaked Allison out and pissed her father off. I tend to operate under the assumption that no publicity is bad publicity and, like myself, Allison will have her good looks to fall back on if life after college falls through. Internet losers have commented in the last 24 hours that Stokke has “let herself go” since the first picture was taken but considering we’re all bloggers and not actually athletic or famous, none of us would throw her out of bed for eating crackers.

Plus, you can always insert a “handling of the pole” joke in at anytime. God, I love the pole vault.

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11 Responses to “The Pole Vault Is My Favorite Sport”

  1. Bake said

    My dear God….

  2. She is definetly a cutie, but has gotten a ton of publicity and I’m not really sure why.

    As college chics go, she is a dime a dozen IMHO.

    Steven (TaySC)

  3. Matt said

    Yeah, I agree…it is going to be tough to say goodbye to college…so many beautiful girls.

    For me, I guess, its the never-ending amount of pole jokes that accompany anything Allison Stokke…

  4. MoonDog said

    Oh, she’s legal alright. Although she appears to be the victim of the dreaded freshman 15 already. I’ll post a link at my site to you guys now that I know you’re here.

  5. Doc Hancock said

    Moon, if she is the victim of the freshman 15, then hell, she don’t look like it.

  6. Matt said

    I was a victim of the ‘Freshman 25 sponsored by Budweiser’. True story.

  7. Doc Hancock said


  8. Sean said

    She is an attractive young lady.

  9. brian said

    no fuck that … she was no where forgotten anyplace… that chick is way hot as a matter of fact that girl would be at the top of my list of girls i would like to rock … surpasing pamela anderson and selma hayak or however you spell her name!

  10. Adam said

    She is pretty.

  11. Bob said

    Yeah… I’d Fuck her……

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