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Curse Of The Hotties?

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on February 29, 2008

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns about sports at Crichton. These columns will run until the end of the school year.

Being a Clemson Tigers football fan, I understand the dynamic of the “Chicken Curse” that has plagued the University of South Carolina for years.

But blaming one’s troubles on the pool table, and even the basketball court, on a hottie — wait a minute, two hotties — let alone one that once was a subject of a column that you wrote months ago, well, that’s a different story.

The true belief that the curse exists came from a game of pickup with Student Government president Brandon Privett back in December, when the hottie on the right was inside Crichton’s gym, I managed to throw up airballs, miss layups, and God knows what else.

“We thought you didn’t miss,” Kyle O’Neil and Todd Meyer said to me as I kept sinking airballs out of bounds.

Another belief to being either cursed or distracted by two hotties was during Super Bowl Sunday, softball player Jasmine Scudder decided the best thing for us to kill time during the halftime activities was to play pickup basketball in the very same gym that only two months ago  I sprained my ankle trying to block Privett’s shot after the hottie on the right left the gym.

“Mental intensity is the key to winning this game,” I said to my team, which included Jonah Leavell, who had a lot of fines left over from the Crichton Flag Football League that disbanded in December and John Tibbits, the guy I replaced as student director of basketball operations.

Obviously, I myself didn’t get the message as the two pictured with me during Homecoming at the beginning of the month, wound up making me look bad on the court.

At the end of the games in the gym, the night manager who was there with us said something to us about the girls.

“Them girls have heart,” he said, “they’re not scared to take it in the paint or nothing.”

Well said.

Three weeks after the Super Bowl halftime debacle and more than two weeks after that picture was taken, I wound up getting hit by a stray pitch while getting the lineups for the second game of the softball game between Central Baptist and Crichton and am now trying to file for workers’ comp because of the bruise.

Oddly enough, both of them were out there in the field doing warm ups when this happened.

But the telling part of this supposed curse is what happened when I put my big mouth on the line to face Aimee Grissom (girl on the left) Thursday afternoon in a rematch of what happened on Super Bowl Sunday.

And much like what happened in December with the other hottie, Kyle was inside the gym to witness the rematch.

For the most part, everything I learned as student director of basketball operations, most importantly the thing about having mental intensity from Coach Walker and being on my best behavior from Colonel Sanders, something that he begged me to be on when I did my first softball game a week ago went out the window.

Towards the end of the rematch, which for starters was one-sided, Sly Watkins came into the gym.

“How can you lose to a girl?” he asked, “Just how?”

“I was just shooting jumpers,” I said, defending my losing.

While she was trying to end the game, Kyle reminded me of my shooting from behind the arc.

“3-for-23”, he said.

And given what I learned from the game Crichton played against Union in Jackson last month when they shot 1-for-19 from the arc, shooting badly from the arc doesn’t equate into wins.

Later on Thursday evening, I received a post on my Facebook wall from Crichton basketball fan and pool rival Kenisha Banks.

“How can you lose to me in pool and lose to Aimee in basketball?”

It was the curse of the hottie, Kenisha.


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