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Rex Grossman Sucks – Part 3

Posted by Bob Swerski on February 27, 2008


rex-grossman.jpg rex-grossman-stinks.jpg 020507_grossfumble_t600.jpg

sports090a.jpg 2004021997.jpg bears_fumble.jpg smhchargers277150x0022_thumb.jpg

This is starting to become a popular theme for a lot of my posts. The theme being that Rex Grossman is a terrible quarterback whowill be unable to lead a veteran team to a Superbowl ring. I know this because, after sitting on the sidelines with injuries his first few years, he entered 2006 with high hopes of being a superstar on the field and after 5 great games to start off the season he tanked at EPIC proportions. Then last season he was benched for Brian Griese and eventually Kyle Orton after being injured upon his return.

His contract was up after the season and I, like everyone else in Bears Nation, expected our Monsters of the Midway to severe ties with this horrific football display and pick up a new QB anyway possible. I personally wanted the team to take the “Vince Papali” approach and hold open tryouts to everyone in Chicago. I’m sure in a city that large there had to be a any number of people who can do better then a 0 and a 1.3 QB rating. I mean even the punter had a better QB rating in one game after throwing an incomplete pass. Apparently 0 for 1 nets you around a 30 QB rating.

Getting to my point, I was happy to be rid of this “player” once and for all when the most bizarre thing in the history of the Bears organization occurred: They actually resigned him.

I have to repeat that to myself several times a day as I can hardly believe it. I’ve heard of some questionable moves, but this one takes the cake for making completely no sense at all. Jerry Angelo is a good GM, but if he thinks that Bears fans, particularly this one, is going to put up with this he is sadly mistaken.


10 Responses to “Rex Grossman Sucks – Part 3”

  1. Ditka's Sweater said

    Yes another year of FAIL for us Bear fans …… Pray that a lineman rolls Sexy Rexy in spring camp…….

  2. Matt said

    Now they’ve signed Kyle Orton to a deal with the exact same terms as Grossman? What the hell is going on in Chicago…I really think someone is taking crazy pills.

    Not to be outdone by the insanity, Cubs owner has said he will sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field, even if baseball purists hate the idea:

    As a Reds fan, I probably don’t care. As an avid baseball fan, that is sacrilege!!!

  3. Matt said

    We’re going to need Swerski back today to take them all to task…

  4. Loved seeing those pics all together…lol…great job.

  5. Ditka's Sweater said

    Only pic that was left out was the Grossman ButtSex photo with Green bay…

  6. Matt said

    Haha, yeah Ditka’s…I think Bobby used that for one of his many other “Grossman Sucks” pieces. That’s a good one, though.

    Just liked to thank you for your continued support, you’ve become a regular!

  7. Matt said

    Thanks, too, Indianamatt, glad to see you back around!!!

  8. Ya, the buttsex picture was used in I believe part 2 of this never-ending saga. I wanted these pictures to be one’s where Rex is fumbling the ball and looking like a completely inept quarterback in the process. There were too many pictures to post on that subject so I simply posted the one’s which I enjoy most.

  9. Priceless!

    What QB would y’all like to see in Chicago? Who would likely best fit into their system?

  10. I was really pushing for Jeff Garcia last year. This year I don’t really know because there aren’t a lot of great options available currently.

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