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Relax, It’s Only The Beginning

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on February 26, 2008

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns about sports at Crichton. These columns will run until the end of the school year.

One afternoon not too long ago, I sat in the Office of Student Development talking to one of my “designated mothers” here in North Highland Park, Lisa Crocker, about how blessed I was for coming here.

“You should write a column on how blessed you are,” she said to me.

Well, Mama Lisa, I am doing just that as we close out the 2007-08 regular season for Crichton basketball, a home game against Freed-Hardeman on Saturday afternoon.

When I began covering sports for Crichton in August of last year, I was working a dead-end job as a cheesecake salesman for the Tennessee Cheesecake Company of Nashville that only a week later would end because of my school schedule and the simple fact that they, referring to the Wilson family, wouldn’t change my work schedule.

And the week before I arrived in North Highland Park, I decided to leave a church in northeast Shelby County because of a falling out with some members.

On the same day that I talked Donna McWorther and my future boss, Jeff Walker, into doing something like this with Crichton athletics, I was in the middle of working on SEC football previews for the 2007 season and trying to get comfortable with being here.

Needless to say, from that Thursday afternoon that I walked into the athletic office until now, as I finish my time as student director of basketball operations and move into a position as public address announcer for the softball team — as well as working for the baseball team as their stats guy — the last few months here as North Highland Park’s sports columnist has been a wild ride.

From interviews with the random hottie, Danstar Michelle Williams and Crichton basketball superfan Ashley Parks, to columns on my travels with the “Basketball Brotherhood”, the last five or six months of writing about it has been fun to say the least.

Aside from earning a living and working in the athletic department, I’ve been blessed to have a great group of friends who’ve been there to either hug me or give me a kick in the pants since I’ve been here.

Not only that, I’ve learned during my time what it means to overcome adversity, being humble, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to have fun at my job, something that took a lot of time for me to grasp because of the many hats I wear around North Higland Park.

I’ve also learned in my time as student director of basketball operations about what it means to be a part of a family as well as the importance of being a family man.

During one point this basketball season, I ran into Bethel assistant basketball coach Craig Stephens, who was the one that had a hand in bringing me here to North Highland Park.

“I see you didn’t let me down,” he said.

Given what has happened since coming here in August, that’s out of the question.


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