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Who Will Go #1 In The NFL Draft?

Posted by Condo on February 25, 2008


With the number one overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select…

Glenn Dorsey

New Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano runs a 3-4 defense — thanks to the tutelage of Bill Parcells — and although I’m sure Glenn Dorsey would be effective in a 3-4 system, he’s not really the type of player who is a typical ‘nose tackle’ in a 3-4 system. Dorsey is also not a real great fit in either DE spot in the 3-4 defense, as well. Due to this, Dorsey most likely will not be Miami’s top choice.

Chris Long

Chris Long would be a great fit as he played in the 3-4 system at the University of Virginia under Al Groh — another coach who learned under Parcells — and was extremely effective as a DE and NT in that system. Long is the player that makes the most sense for the Dolphins at this point given the holes they have on defense.

Matt Ryan

They could go the obvious route of QB and take Matt Ryan with the #1 overall selection which I know they are rumored to be discussing. The issue I have with Ryan at #1 is that they passed over Brady Quinn last year in the First Round because they seemed to be ‘so sure’ of John Beck from Brigham Young University, whom they took in the Second Round.

Condo’s Take

Granted, Parcells and Sparano were not around when these decisions were made thus Beck may not be a player they particularly care for and therefore end up drafting Ryan. But I personally believe it would make more sense for them to draft a player that I think you can be sure will be of immediate help to you in Long, based on the system you are going to run, and give Beck a chance.

I would do this over taking Matt Ryan #1 overall and completely scrapping what you have at QB, especially when the QB you have in Beck is only in his second season.

The other route I could see the Dolphins going is trading the pick in an attempt to accumulate more picks since they have several holes they need to address. The question being would they get enough value out of trading the #1 pick, and my personal opinion is no.

Condo’s #1 Draft Pick

Chris Long – DE – The University of Virginia


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