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Message Boarders

Posted by Matt on February 24, 2008

I recently wrote about Kentucky’s bad media day yesterday and while researching Scott Van Pelt’s shout out to The Cats Pause, I was reading other various posts on the message board and came across this one (I am not a card-holding poster there, by the way):

“Gillispie ran over to Joe all excited and grabbing Joe’s arm. He was obviously very proud of him and he was letting him know. Coach G was smiling ear to ear and you can tell he was praising Joe but joe just stood there, never smiling back or saying anything? Wonder what was said and why Joe was so emotionless???”

I don’t know if message board comments are copyrighted but if they are just sue me, you’ll get about three Cup Noodles out of me in the lawsuit.

In response, I have this to say:  OMFG, Joe C. is totally going to transfer nowz!!!11


IF there is ANY team in the entire universe that that has fans who actually try to interpret the physical appearence of emotion more than Kentucky fans then please post the team name so I don’t feel like my teams’ fans are the epitome of obsessed nerds. I even heard Jodie Meeks “looked” reluctant to link arms on the bench with Mark Coury when the outcome of the game was still up in the air…

Seriously people, why does it matter what Crawford’s facial expression’s looked like?  He’s a senior who will play his last game as a Wildcat in about a month and he is beginning to consistently drop bombs on the oppostion…why do we even care why he looks this way or that?  He has never been known for showing emotion…deal with it.  In an impressive “And 1” moment during the game yesterday, Joe finished by flexing and shouting towards the sideline a la Kelenna Azubuike and I was thinking, “wow, it has been 4 years but I think I have just seen the first signs of life on Joe Crawford.” 

That is just how he is and the endless speculation about players’ body language as if they’re suppose to assume they’re on camera 24/7 is beginning to bother even me and I am a Kentucky fan.

One Response to “Message Boarders”

  1. Condo said

    Don’t know if this makes you feel any better… but this is ‘verbatim’ from another message board I frequently visit… it’s talking about the Kansas fans were reacting after their 1 point loss on the road against Oklahoma State:

    Just returned from a KC-area watch party with KU fans. Wow….what a terrible bunch of people. In their minds, he’s worn out his welcome here and his team is not playing as it should. (they’re in the flippin’ Top 5 mind you…or were)

    – Self can recruit, but can’t bench coach in games. Same problem at IL.

    – Self was out-coached and usually is when he goes against good schools…like OSU.

    – Self can’t motivate his talent.

    – Self doesn’t work the refs hard enough in hostile environments.

    All of this in the first 15 minutes of the post-game call in show. The fanbase is on meltdown here….hates Coach Self…and all wish he would go to Stillwater.

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