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A Weird Media Day For Kentucky

Posted by Matt on February 24, 2008


I would like to congratulate the Tennessee Volunteers, they beat Memphis on the road tonight and are now the #1 team in the Nation. Thus, at this point in the space time continuum, I can say that both the Kentucky football team and Kentucky basketball team have defeated the #1 team in their respective sport this season. Suck it.

Kentucky went on to defeat a well-playing Arkansas team today but the story of the game was CBS cutting away from a 4 point game, give or take a point, with roughly 45 seconds to go in a game with HUGE implications to show us the EPIC Duke versus Saint John’s tip off — and it was epic, trust me. It’s Duke…Dick Vitale was seen pitching a tent.

It just had to be Duke, didn’t it? Insult to injury. Listen media folk, wonder no more why Kentucky fans think the world hates them (and more on this later).

The majority of Kentucky fans missed the entire last minute of a VERY important game while I was switched back for the last 7 seconds here in Richmond; CBS, you’re too kind. Long story short, Kentucky fans should bitch and bitch loud and often. I have done the leg work for you because I am that awesome. Contact CBS m’here:

CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Main Number:(212) 975-4321

That is CBS Sports Feedback…make sure to select CBS Sports from the drop down menu. They have kind of disenfranchised most, though, as you have to have a Sportsline ID to send feedback…

However, this wasn’t the only Kentucky moment in the media tonight. At the end of the post-GameDay Sportscenter broadcast, Scott Van Pelt had this to say (and I am paraphrasing):

Kentucky fans think we hate them and we didn’t get to their highlights tonight but Kentucky did beat Arkansas so there, thats for my friends over at The Cats Pause.

This can be viewed as one of two things…

1) Scott, who apparently posts over at, was generally sorry and was genuinely giving a shout out to The Cats Pause since ESPN didn’t actually have the highlights from the blown CBS telecast.


2) Since it is no secret Kentucky fans think ESPN hates Kentucky and favors Duke/ACC and since it is no secret that Kentucky fans are VERY active on Internet message boards, then Scott Van Pelt’s comments were a sarcastic pot shot on Big Blue Nation’s passion.

Interpret however you’d like. Send all bitchings to ESPN’s Ombudsman (though I must say, I have tried and it does little good).

I have my own thoughts and I’ll keep them to myself, but realize Scott’s closing remarks were made just moments after he inadvertently used “pissed” on air and then corrected himself, explaining that it was just him “talking and thinking at the same time” and that he “thought he was back on the radio for a moment.”


Go Cats.


4 Responses to “A Weird Media Day For Kentucky”

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  2. The General said

    saw the whole thing in DC…

  3. Bake said

    ESPN DEPORTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Condo said

    He’s a Maryland alum… chances are Scott was giving a subtle verbal jab to the UK fans. Like I said yesterday, that’s pretty pathetic to cut away from a 4 point game with 40 seconds left to go to Duke/St John’s which we all know how the outcome of the game was going to be…

    I personally didn’t get to see it as I was in the process of being at the Oklahoma State/Kansas game witnessing another major upset in college basketball this season. But that’s just sad for them to do that. This coming from a non-UK fan here.

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