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Remembering Harry Caray

Posted by Bob Swerski on February 20, 2008


It was 10 years ago, Feb 18, 1998 that the beloved Cubs’ announcer Harry Caray passed away due to brain damage following cardiac arrest. Many people around the league and Cub fans especially have their favorite Harry Caray moment. Whether it be Will Farrel playing him on Saturday Night Live, The Budweiser and Bud Light commercials, or the seventh inning stretch, there are certain things which will forever remind us of the man with those big glasses. To some Harry Caray might have been a big joke or an embarrassment, but being a kid at the time; to me Harry was a hero. A recognizable voice coming out of the radio to broadcast the lovable losers on warm summer days. His stories, his enthusiasm, and his love of baseball is the reason I still watch baseball and the Cubs. With a hot dog and an ice cold Budweiser, I say this proudly “Holy Cow! Cubs win! Cubs win!”


4 Responses to “Remembering Harry Caray”

  1. Matt said

    The best was:

    “Jason…uhh…Ice-ring-hossen.” (34 second mark)

    That one made me chuckle and I’m sure Izzy doesn’t mind too much considering Caray was a legend.

    To be honest, growing up after school I enjoyed watching Cubbies games on WGN and listening to Harry and I believe Steve Stone. Their voices are synonymous with baseball to me despite being a Reds fan as the Cubs always played so many damn afternoon games and I wanted something to watch…

  2. The Isringhousen is classic Harry Caray. I always loved when there were names that were hard to say. Also, when he would pronounce the last name backwards for example, “Dykstra spelled backwards is Artskyd” My favorite however is around the halfway mark when he says “the good Lord wants the Cubs to win.”

  3. Hope you’re getting excited for Reds baseball over here my friend. It’s almost that time.

    Keep up the great work, the blog looks great!

  4. Matt said

    Thanks, TNM. Diamond Hoggers has always been on our Friends list.

    And yes, I am getting VERY excited for the Redlegs! I think we can make some noise this season…and as Spring Training rolls on, I’ll add my thoughts from time to time…

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