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Muhammad Released By Bears, Vows Jihad

Posted by Matt on February 19, 2008


It was on that day I put a jihad on them. And if you don’t believe it then you’d better kill me now because I’ll put a jihad on you, too.

The Chicago Bears released 34-year-old Muhsin Muhammad yesterday in a move that was apparently long expected. Whenever Bob Swerski sobers up maybe he can shed some light on this as I’m not much of a Chicaaagoan but with Bernard Berrian a free agent and the Bears’ offense anemic at best, it seems as if the timing of this move is a bit questionable. Moose still had two years left on his contract and I am bothered by the fact that, to me, the word “contract” doesn’t mean what the NFL seems to think it means — which is apparently “jack shit”.

But then again, what do I know? Nothing…except for the fact that no Bears post is complete without this infidel:




7 Responses to “Muhammad Released By Bears, Vows Jihad”

  1. Ditka's Sweater said

    Go Figure…. How about release dumb ass Cedric “for 1 yard” Benson…… Who friggin knows…. Hester to WR ?

  2. A friend and I were actually discussing this yesterday and we agree that getting rid of both Mushin and Berrian would be best for the Bears. Muhammad needs to return to the nursing home as he no longer has the speed or the hands he once had. It proved hard for Muhammad to get open with his cane. As for Berrian, he reminds me more of Featherstone from Unnecessary Roughness then a quality NFL receiver. I wouldn’t mind seeing them both ride off into the sunset to make room for some of our younger receivers with more potential. As for Benson, I agree that we should can his ass too.

  3. The General said

    jeez…what a douche. i always look better with whiskey in both hands and drool on my chin, and he managed to look worse

  4. Ditka's Sweater said

    Ya sure that is drool on your chin…. i’m just saying…..

  5. Bake said

    LOL!!!!! Gotta love the Jack

  6. The General said

    Ditka, I think you got me confused with Mowery. I take shots, he and Aaron take shots to the face

  7. […] 31, many – including myself –consider wide receiver Marty Booker an upgrade over the departed Muhsin Muhammad. In fact, the former Dolphin had his best season in 2002 as a member of the Chicago Bears, […]

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