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Miami, Marlins Planning $515M Hole In The Ground

Posted by Matt on February 18, 2008


The Florida Marlins are quite an enigma.  They have two World Series rings since 1997, which is tied for second most with the Boston Red Sox behind the Yankees’ three since that year.  The team also operates out of Miami, Florida where the beer flows like wine and it would seem baseball enthusiasts are in tow considering the Grapefruit League that holds court in the state of Florida each spring.   Yet, despite this, the Florida Marlins have the lowest average attendance for home games in Major League Baseball, averaging just over 16,000 cut-throat fans each game — which is less than half of the 37,000 seat capacity of the new, 2011 stadium.

The average Marlins home game:


Now the franchise has made the claim that they cannot survive in south Florida without a new stadium — and I tend to agree that it would suck to play in what is normally an NFL stadium — but it seems tough to justify a $515-million dollar undertaking, with Miami-Dade contributing $347-million of that, when attendance is so low despite some of the recent successes.

I would think a better marketing department would be first in order if they expect to survive in south Florida, among other changes, and I don’t know that building a half-billion dollar stadium for people to not come to will be the long term solution.

Linkage: Yahoo! Sports 



6 Responses to “Miami, Marlins Planning $515M Hole In The Ground”

  1. FloriDade said

    This is not the average Marlins home game. This was an afternoon weekday game for a team (that year) who was not competitive.

    The average attendance (per year) is 16/18 thousand. That image, while embarrasing for a marlins fan, is not at all indicative of their fan base. And you should really do some research before you suggest that what we see in this image is the average fans that come out to the ball park.

  2. FloriDade said

    Sorry I meant to say (Per Game), not per Year.

  3. Matt said

    Dude, it was a joke. Relax. I watch baseball, I know how many fans show up to a Marlins game. Its called SARCASM and yours must be broken.

  4. McMarlin said

    Well, the current problem is that Dolphins Stadium is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, and just going to a game is a pain in the ass. If they build this stadium in Little Havana – which is contingent on Norman Braman finally sticking his head in the sand – it would be part of an economic revival package meant to stimulate the economy in that area. It is also close to a major population base (check Orange Bowl attendance, that’s where the stadium is planned for) so fans from metro Miami won’t have to drive as far. The new stadium will also have amenities around it – Dolphins Stadium does not.

    Aside from that, Marlins fans will come once the ownership shows that the team will exhibit payroll stability (Samson has said that the payroll would be around 70 mill by 2011, the intended opening year for the new stadium). Yes, it’s the cliche – if they build it they will come – schpele, but that’s exactly what it will take in South Florida.

    The marketing department can’t sell horrible proximity … PR smoke and mirrors only do so much. The Marlins’ issues are in the courthouse now, not so much in the seats.

  5. Matt said

    Thanks for the analysis, McMarlin. Great, civil discussion! I really think Dolphins Stadium is a terrible venue for baseball and I really hope the new stadium attracts a bigger crowd like you say it will — I hate seeing a baseball stadium more empty than not for a baseball game.

    Thanks again, McMarlin — we always appreciate someone who will respectfully discuss the topics. I look forward to seeing how the Marlins and their new home progress.

  6. jack said

    okay first off, if this team has any hopes of getting more than 16k fans per game the market down the their is going to have to shit money out the ass for them. Also, i don’t mean to be mean but the marlins are the most inconsistent team in baseball. When they start to get amazing, maybe even after they win a world series, they trade away for more young talent. that takes at least a 2 year rebuilding process. i mean i cant think of a single franchise player Florida has ever had. cant they get a Cal Ripken Jr.(Orioles) or a Tony Gwyn (Padres)? It’s like McMarlin said, dolphin stadium is in the middle of nowhere. Their new home has to be built in the heart of the city, if they have any hope more attendance. The new stadium needs to be state of the art, and the scrimp 500 million dollar budget may not cut it. i hope the
    Marlins can generate more revenue in their new home

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