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Basketball Is A Sisterhood, Too

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on February 16, 2008

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

“Basketball Sisterhood” February 2, 2008

1st row: (l-r) Tandria Wilburn, Jelisa Scruggs

2nd row: Ashley Parks, LaToya Taylor

3rd row: Brittanee McCaster, Kenisha Banks, Lynne Walker, Grace Walker

4th row: Rahnesha Brooks, Naysha Scott

5th row: Michelle Williams, Cierra Johnson, British Hill

Throughout this season, I’ve been using the “Basketball Is A Brotherhood” motto for some of my trips with the team throughout the Midwest and the South.

But while basketball is about brotherhood and teamwork, Crichton basketball is, in some cases, successful with the support of a group of young ladies who attend road basketball games to cheer on Crichton.

Led by student Ashley Parks, who I had the pleasure of sitting down and having an interview with during Homecoming week, Crichton basketball is not only a brotherhood.

It’s a sisterhood.

“We’ve been doing road trips for three years, dating back to when Crichton was known as the Cardinals,” she said.

Prior to the recent nickname for the school’s athletic program, Comets, the school was known for many years as the Cardinals, something that is evident in the logo that leads to the gym on campus where a cardinal is still on the signage.

“Being on the road with the team,” she said in our conversation, “gives us a chance to take a break from life as well as a chance to be away from Memphis. Not only that we just talk about what’s going on at Crichton, so in other words, it’s like a social club of sorts.”

During Crichton’s run to the National Tournament in 2006-07, Parks said that she and the group made 15 to 20 trips with the team. With the scheduling of the games this season, Parks said that they’ve only made four road-trips this year, twice to Nashville, Tennessee and twice to Jackson, Tennessee.

“The only way,” she said, “that we go on the road, is if they have a game on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday. Also it has to be within two to three hours driving time.”

When the “Basketball Sisterhood” isn’t on the road with the team, they can also be found in the east bleachers harassing the opposing players when they go to the free throw line or getting into the heads of the refs.

At the time this interview was being conducted, the Comets were 13-10 and coming off a win against 19th-ranked Trevecca on the road and getting ready to face Mid-Continent on the road Feb. 7th.  When asked could Crichton turn around their season, Parks had this to say.

“If they play smart, play hard, and listen to what Coach Walker says, then there’s no question in my mind they’ll be there at the end. If they don’t do those things, then they’ll be in trouble.”


One Response to “Basketball Is A Sisterhood, Too”

  1. Matt said

    I really think that is one of your best Chrichton columns yet, Doc. Nice work and I enjoy hearing people support “their teams.”

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