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What Have YOU Done Today?

Posted by Matt on February 15, 2008


I tend to be easily impressed by feats of strength and ability as I am doing good to get off my ass and make it to the refrigerator and back for a cold beer…usually I just wait until the guy beside me is empty, take a faux-sip, shake an empty can by my ear and pull the…”uhh, hey grab me one while you’re up…”

But, despite being easily impressed, I think this one will impress the masses:

Four female Brits (it is OK to call them Brits, right?) rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.  I don’t know if I emphasized that enough.  They, in the boat pictured above otherwise known as “Faceboat,” ROWED ACROSS THE FREAKING ATLANTIC OCEAN.  The trip took 75 days and the youngest of the four, a 17-year-old, set the world record for youngest to row across an ocean.

I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about row boats, but it seems to me that, by the looks of it,  a stiff breeze would topple Faceboat…not to mention the fact that there are no 7 Elevens or sports bars along the way.  The journey was a 2,500 nautical mile trek and was completed using a two hour on, two hour off system while living on the boat the entire time.

Four females, 75 days, 2,500 nautical miles, just a row boat…quite astounding.

Clearly they’re floating on the world’s biggest toilet…to answer that question…so there is only one left to be answered:

Are they hot?

♣  Linkage: BBC News


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