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In The Headlines

Posted by Matt on February 15, 2008


Sometimes the headlines just write themselves and we’ve all read one that had us smile and think that the intern that wrote it certainly had to know what he was doing. Well, brings us, or at least me, one of those today that when I read it, I chuckled and thought…”that’s no accident.”

“Specter to extend NFL probe — with chair’s support”

Specter…extend…probe? Come on, that story was laid in front of some interning college student and he began licking his chops. But what always kills me is that the interns/writers/etcetera have to know the double entendre, if you will, of the headlines that they slap on their columns, but it seems as if the editors who push the story through have no idea. You’d expect that if they did, they would’ve never let it happen in the first place.

That’s not a severe case, I have seen worse, but it was one that gave me a little chuckle when I returned from lunch.

Specter to extend NFL probe — with chair’s support


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