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Site Updates

Posted by Matt on February 13, 2008

Alright, a lot of stuff to get you caught up about around here that we’re all excited about. First, we’re back on board with TaySC and Company over at Gamecock Sports Forum and they’ve reopened The Nasty Boys’ Sports Bar for business. This as close as you’re going to get to OUR OFFICIAL FORUM. Each post has a thread here and we haven’t required a registration system so the Sports Bar is where it’s at. Despite being hosted by Gamecock Sports Forum, our area is not limited to any one topic so if you enjoy talking sports then please take the time to register over at Gamecock Sports Forum and start joining in on the discussions. Myself, Doc, Condo, and even Bob will drop by as much as we can and TaySC migrates the threads from here in to the Sports Bar for the majority of our posts through RSS feed so each article has its own topic already started.


The Nasty Boys Sports Bar

Gamecocks Sports Forum

You can find these links at all times over on the right hand menu.

In other news, TaySC and his contingent of South Carolina and Clemson fans over at Gamecock Sports Forum have embarked on another neat project and that is ACC vs. SEC. It is still in the beginning stages but Tay has be bugging me like crazy to get some Kentucky fans over there to join the SEC fight and I told him I was committed 100%. South Carolina and Alabama are already well represented but I’ve been told the site is growing like wild fire. It is another registration site, but it is all VERY easy and TaySC, raptorcox, Just2Cocky, etcetera are all great people and welcome anybody. GSF/AvS are some of the friendliest forums I have found and for any Kentucky fans here (or any Vandy fans from Doc’s crew), you’ll be happy to know that they support the SEC whenever possible.



Bookmark these, join up, and kill some down time in the office or on some slow Sunday. They’re great places to discuss sports and get to know fellow sports junkies.

Also, as a reminder, Doc’s personal blog has moved in recent history so if you’re wondering where the Press Box Kid has gone, look no further.


Southern Girls and Sports

Again, I can’t stress how great all of these places are. It is a great way to get involved in the network we’re trying to build here with myself, Doc, and TaySC, along with everyone at GSF and TNB.

It has been a lot of fun and we hope to keep it going. We appreciate all of the support here and we hope we’ve been able to cure a little of boredom as repayment for our gratitude along the way.

Now I am off to mop up the puddles of tears that pulled during that one game against Vanderbilt last night.




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