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The Season Of The Suits

Posted by Matt on February 11, 2008


Last week brought us the above gem from West Virginia’s Bob Huggins that saw Huggy Bear suited and booted in all gold.  This past weekend, in what was “White Out” night in Freedom Hall brought us the painfully bad suit below from Louisville Cardinals’ head coach Benedict Arnold Rick Pitino:


Pitino changed at half time due to a wardrobe malfunction but when he stumbled over what product was spilled on the suit in the locker room and could not decide whether it was Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi in a post game interview with Erin Andrews, we knew something was fishy.  Larry Brown Sports gives us the real reason:

“The real reason was because it was very hot in there and I was sweating like crazy,” he said. “Not having worn a white linen suit since my first communion, no one told me when you’re sweating you can’t wear blue ‘filters’ (underwear). I was about to look ridiculous.” -Rick Pitino

I just have two questions:

Which suit is worse to date? And who the hell calls underwear ‘filters’?

♣  Linkage: Larry Brown Sports


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