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TNB Exclusive: Pictures Found Linking Jeter With Clemens

Posted by Bob Swerski on February 9, 2008


Above is snap shot taken of other snap shots given by Brian McNamee on Capital Hill today as evidence.  Below is an exclusive shot of Clemens ACTUALLY shooting a needle of steroids into Derek Jeter during their passionate pre-game sex romp.  I swear to you that the photo is completely unaltered.  The needle “appears” to be cheaply added in without the use of photoshop; however, the needle was only enlarged and given a white background to show detail.  I will stake my journalistic credibility on the authenticity of the photo.


P.S.  The photo at the top is actually genuine, however there lacks any evidence directly  linking the beer cans, needles, and blood stained gauze to Clemens.  However, the fact that Clemens was born in Dayton, OH (which is known for its drug use) can not and should not be overlooked.


5 Responses to “TNB Exclusive: Pictures Found Linking Jeter With Clemens”

  1. Matt said

    That picture is even more hilarious after the escapades on Capitol Hill this week…

  2. The General said

    I smoked a cigarette with one of Clemon’s lawyers. Had no idea who he was until I saw the hearing the next day.

  3. Matt said

    LOL — Ah, nothing like tobacco to bring the world together. Did you talk to him at all?

  4. The General said

    nah he was just some tool talking too loud on his cell phone

  5. Those pictures are just wrong in so many ways…. LMAO!

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