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Dream Game It Wasn’t

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on February 7, 2008

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

Twenty-five years ago, long before any of us here on this website was even born, something bigger than the end of Prohibition happened on the hardwood in Knoxville, Tennessee for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

It was March 26, 1983 and Kentucky was playing the University of Louisville, a game that had been in the making for decades, but since the powers that be in the Commonwealth refused to allow the two schools to play each other in basketball and football.

While the Cardinals won that game against the Wildcats, it set the tone for the modern-day rivalry between the two schools in basketball, something that is still going strong today.

But unlike that “Dream Game”, Sunday’s open run at Crichton College was nowhere near the level of excitement or even magnitude of what happened 25 years ago.

It was more of a test against controlling myself as well as my team, which included the guy I replaced as student director of basketball operations.

As many of my fans know, back in December I wrote a column on a hottie that ironically, was the subject of a column that I wrote prior to Crichton’s first “Battle of the Sexes”, something that didn’t see the light of day until school closed for the Thanksgiving holiday when it was published on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

So when Sunday’s open run came in North Highland Park, I had no idea that a casual open run was going turn into something that would leave me with egg on my face.

During halftime of Super Bowl 42, Jasmine Scudder, who is one of this website’s big fans, as well as others decided to have a nice little open run before the start of the second half.

Normally, when we think of open runs, we think of forgetting the actual score, streetball moves, and God knows what else.

But on Sunday night, the whole idea of casual play was thrown out of the window.

For starters, Amy, who was on the other team was making Chris Lofton, Shan Foster, and Derrick Rose look like junior-high standouts, hitting almost every shot under the sun.

But then the interesting part came when the hottie that I did a story on for this very website that you are reading now, came into the fray.

“Don’t get distracted, guys,” I said, doing my best Coach Walker imitation, “Mental intensity is the key to winning against them, even if they do have two hot chicks on their team.”

“Then don’t look,” resident Patriots fan John Tibbits said.

Obviously, I didn’t take heed to his thing about not looking because well, she had to play some defense on me and distracted me from making easy shots, shots that my 84 year-old aunt could make.

Apparently, the whole time that I was on the court with the hottie, I kept thinking about all the times that Coach Walker preached about mental toughness.

Certainly, in my case, I had to use all of what I learned about mental toughness and how not to let my somewhat rowdy behavior overcloud my average basketball skills.

But the embarassing thing about the game was the fact that whatever reason, I had to watch shot after shot go in, therefore bringing back the same demand I wanted when it came to bringing women’s basketball to Crichton.

And given what happened Sunday night, it’s quite understandable for me to think that way.


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