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Feeling Like Jackson, Tennessee (Part 2)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on February 5, 2008

Crichton students at Union, Jan. 28, 2008:

First row (l-r): Matthew Long, Ashley Parks

Second row: Gavin Smith, Lauretta Plummer, Naysha Scott, Cierra Johnson, Kenisha Banks, Brittanee McCaster

Third row: Latoya Person, Jasmine McCaster, Deanza Williams, Rachel Walton

Fourth row: Baretta Tisdell, Deanna Chambers

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

After Crichton lost to Union on Jan. 28th, in the back of my mind, I tried to remember any team that lost twice in the same city in the same week.

The first thought that came to my mind was the 1991-92 Memphis Tigers team that went to the Elite Eight, but if memory serves me correct, the Tigers lost four times to Bob Huggins and the Cincinnati Bearcats, not four times in the same city.

But the trick to a team losing twice in the same city in the same week was that a conference had to have two teams from the same city (much like what happens in the A-10 with Philadelphia with St. Joe’s, Temple, and LaSalle) and a team had to play them in the same week.

Enter Crichton.

After shooting 1-for-19 from the arc against Union, Crichton made a return trip to Jackson, Tennessee on Saturday afternoon as they took on the Lambuth Eagles at Lambuth University.

Much like the neighborhood around Union, the neighborhood in which Lambuth is located in is filled with quaint houses that look like they came from “Leave It To Beaver”.

One of the things that I noticed about Lambuth’s campus, that like Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, is that the school take pride in keeping the architectural heritage of the school alive.

Which could be said about the building that the Eagles play in, the Lambuth Athletic Center, built in 1969 but renovated in recent years to include an alumni lounge for Lambuth fans to enjoy the game.

“None of this was here,” my playbrother and Jackson Northside graduate Gilbert Carter said to myself and Coach Sanders before the game.

On both side of the gym, however, banners representing the athletic past of Lambuth, which a year ago won the NAIA Women’s Championship a few miles down the road at Oman Arena in downtown Jackson, filled the second level of the building.

Before the game, we received word that the ref who worked the first Lambuth game at home when Coach Walker did his best Bob Knight impersonation was going to be working that afternoon’s game.

“Don’t let it stop you,” he said to the team.

For the most part, Crichton and Lambuth fought tooth and nail for most of the game, giving the “Basketball Sisterhood”, who again was in attendance for that afternoon’s showdown, some hope for Crichton’s first win ever against Lambuth at Lambuth.

But down the stretch, Lambuth showed again why they are without question, one of the best teams in the country as they pulled away with an 81-77 win over Crichton.

While the victory was something that Lambuth got because of God’s grace, Crichton’s Zarko Brankovic almost took a page from the Derrick Boykin School of Last-Minute Heroics.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

I guess Monday’s game against Trevecca made up for that.


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