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TNB’s Super Bowl Drinking Game

Posted by Matt on February 3, 2008

We here at headquarters don’t condone illegal or irresponsible drinki……I couldn’t even finish that statement without laughing. It is the Super Bowl. Get wasted.


  • If a sideline reporter describes the feeling of the crowd as “electric.” – Finish It
  • A Peyton Manning commercial? – One Drink
  • An analyst who described Eli as lacking poise/leadership now says his stoic composure got him here. – Give Three Drinks
  • On-air Brett Farve discussion (despite the fact he’s not in this game)… – Two Drinks
  • and will he come back next year? “That’s the question this offseason.” – Two More Drinks
  • Spy-gate Part Deux – Four Drinks
  • You go to the bathroom during the game as to not miss the commercials. – Five Drinks.
  • “Smash mouth football.” – Two Drinks
  • The name “Gisele Bundchen” or the camera panning to her in the stands. – Sixty-Nine Drinks (haha)
  • A Tom Brady completion. – One Drink
  • Eli Manning throws his hands in the air (like he just don’t care). – Two Drinks
  • Tom Brady and/or Bill Belichick the best player/coach of all time? – Give Two Drinks
  • This: coughlin.jpg or this: 29manning_xlarge1.jpgThree Drinks
  • Somebody giving more than 100% (which is entirely impossible, by the way) – Five Drinks
  • Randy Moss has turned over a new leaf this season and it’s all thanks to Coach Belichick. – Three Drinks
  • The ’72 Dolphins/Don Shula/Mercury Morris/Champagne – Two Drinks
  • “Dynasty.” – Two Drinks
  • Camera pans to a member of the Manning family. – One Drink
  • Wes Welker is an unsung hero. Bill Belichick knows how to get the most out of everyone. – One Drink
  • Hetero-acceptable ‘good game’ ass taps. – Chug It
  • Condo’s Amendment To The Game: For each time you hear the words ‘record setting’ uttered about the New England Patriots – Three Drinks

Enjoy the commercials and that pesky game in between!

I’ll take the Giants with the spread but the Patriots straight up.

New England 31 New York 24


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