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Bengals’ Defense Would Rather Play Rugby

Posted by Matt on February 1, 2008


Should I be concerned that my teams’ defense is so bad that its players would rather go to Europe and play rugby? I knew the Bengals defense was bad, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.

For reasons unknown to me, Bengals’ defensive lineman/linebacker Dhani Jones will undergo three rugby training sessions at Blackheath’s Rectory Field to learn the sport before joining the Blackheath squad for “five to 10 minutes off of the bench” this Saturday against the Cornish All Blacks (it’s a shame rugby is still segregated…).

Listen, I know about as much about rugby as I know about ballroom dancing but I can guarantee you it doesn’t pay as well as the NFL and it is substantially more dangerous, so why risk it? With all of the injuries and lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball, I have no earthly idea as to why the Bengals’ management would even allow this but it is a perfect example of how ass backwards the Bengals franchise is.

Do you think Coach Belichick would ever let Tedy Bruschi play cricket in Ireland? That’s like asking if can I get more women than Tom Brady.



7 Responses to “Bengals’ Defense Would Rather Play Rugby”

  1. Sue Massey said

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

  2. imj said

    what’s wrong with playing rugby? at least he’s keeping in shape and competive…where’s the rest of the defense squad? i doubt they’re breaking a sweat during their offseason

  3. Matt said

    Well, nothing is too wrong with it as it is his life I just enjoy bitching and self loathing. However, it is a calculated risk, ya know? I mean I just wish it were a team other than the Bengals. You never here of the Patriots getting in trouble off the field, or being prima donnas, or going off to Europe to play rugby in the offseason.

    I just wish the Bengals appeared to have the discipline and drive of a team like the Patriots and Coach Belichick or the Colts and Peyton Manning…

    Thanks for the comments Imj, hope to see you around here more!


  4. Chris said

    He doesn’t play for the bengals, he had a one year contract that ended when the season ended. So no bengals coach has the power to tell him what he can or cannot do.

    Dhani is a brilliant guy and he obviously isn’t doing this for the money or because he doesn’t like football anymore. He is filming a travel channel show where he goes around the world and competes in a bunch of different sports.

    As far as injuries are concerned, rugby isn’t nearly as high risk as football. I’ve played both, and while you deal with more pain in rugby, you are less likely to be injured due to the rules(no blocking,have to wrap every tackle and can’t leave your feet, etc.)

    You should be happy that he’s in some kind of competitive activity and working his tail off rather than assaulting people with guns, smoking weed, stealing, beating his wife, drunk driving, and everything else that the bengals players are becoming famous for.

  5. Matt said

    My point is, he was 2nd in the team in tackles and had a Captain’s ‘C’ in just one year and the Bengals will likely be unable to retain him and it is very frustrating.

    Thanks for the points on rugby, I’ve never actually played for fear of being destroyed.

    And this…”You should be happy that he’s in some kind of competitive activity and working his tail off rather than assaulting people with guns, smoking weed, stealing, beating his wife, drunk driving, and everything else that the bengals players are becoming famous for.” is sadly a brilliant point about our Bengals…

    I guess thats why it IS frustrating. It seems like there is always something non-football related to report about the Bengals…


    All very good points.

  6. Chris said

    Being a Steelers fan, I’m happy to read about Bengals fans frustrations. Especially since there seems to be an awful lot in the past couple years. Personally, I think the problem lies with your head coach and the team culture he creates(saying police target bengal players and such). With Roger Goodell coming down really hard lately on teams and players that don’t fit into the NFLs image, your number one priority should be to clean up your team and change its image/culture. I’d get a new head coach, but that’s just me.

    I’m also a UofM fan, so I doubly hate Ohio sports teams. But Dhani being from Michigan, he was one of my favorite players. He was studying to be a brain surgeon at UofM and designs bow ties for his company, how can you not like Dhani?

    I stumbled onto this site while tring to find out how Dhani did in the game. All I found out was that he made a great tackle, played 10 minutes and that’s about it.

    And no, you won’t get destroyed playing rugby. There are spots on a team for someone of every size, you just need speed,toughness, and smarts. While a large part of football is just trying to make a huge hit and hurt someone, rugby is a lot more disciplined and team-oriented. It’s all about field position and technique, rather than trying to hurt your opponent. While opposing football teams generally hate each other, rugby sqauds have a great deal of respect for each other and it is much more of a gentleman’s game. After every one of my college’s games, the home team buys several kegs and the teams get wasted together. Although i’ve never played a sport where i get more bruises and aches, i’d say i’ve gotten injured more playing basketball than rugby.

  7. Matt said

    I agree, I think the team culture is terrible. But let’s face it, it has been a long time since the Bengals were a model franchise.

    I’ll forgive you for being a Steelers fan… ;) and as far as your allegience to Michigan, although I grew up 45 miles from Ohio State I have absolutely zero loyalties to the Buckeyes — I am a Kentucky Wildcat through and through.

    I have no problems with Dhani and he actually sounds more and more interesting each time you comment. My article may have come off wrong but I was frustrated at the time and I am about as frustrated with the Bengals at this point as I have ever been.

    Not that he can’t do what makes him happy but I wake up to hear one of our top defenders in a defense that needs all the help we can get isn’t resigned as if off playing rugby. Certainly not a negative — at least he’s not arrested — but I am just so very frustrated with the franchise at this point.

    Thanks again for your thoughts, Chris, we really appreciate it!!


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