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Lafleur Faces Arrest, That Pesky Globo Gym

Posted by Matt on January 31, 2008


Former dodgeball hockey star Peter Guy Lefleur has found himself in some hot water after having an arrest warrant issued in his name in Montreal for giving some faulty evidence…ah shit, who am I kidding? None of you care about this story. Quite frankly I don’t even know who Guy Lefleur is and neither do you, it was just a solid opportunity for a sweet Dodgeball reference.

We’re all so glad Average Joe’s took down the Purple Cobras, and face it…we all love Christine Taylor:

ctaylor2.jpg christine-taylor-sized.jpg

Yeap, I sequed from hockey to the hot chick that played Marcia Brady. I’m just that damn good.

Linkage (if anybody cares):


3 Responses to “Lafleur Faces Arrest, That Pesky Globo Gym”

  1. KY said

    The back shot looks like crap…. and good gosh look at her elbow……


  2. Matt said

    Taken care of…and I so wish your image would’ve appeared for the masses…

    “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” – Good stuff.

    Thanks, KY.


  3. […] image source […]

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