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Get Your Preorders In Now

Posted by Matt on January 30, 2008


Ever wanted to know what was going to happen before it did? Well now you can thanks to and The Boston Globe and for $14.95 you, too, can be part of the New England Patriots’ historic, “unbeatable” run. It’s like that show Early Edition that all ten of you watched that allowed some protagonist to stop future catastrophic events from occurring because he got the paper the day before or some crap like that.

Hmm, that gives me an idea now that we have this paperback…maybe I could be that guy and somehow sabotage the game, maybe steal the ball from Tom Brady a la Bengals fan to Brett Favre:

If I were Tom Coughlin I would definitely use the ad as bulletin board material for the locker room before the Super Bowl; too bad the rest of us already know the Giants don’t stand a chance…the future says so.


P.S. When this was being compiled, the above linked work.  Now Amazon has taken the listing down, probably at the request of Bill Belichick.  I assure you this was an ACTUAL item and the above image is not doctored — trust me, I don’t have that skill set.


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