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ESPN’s Ombudsman Responds

Posted by Matt on January 28, 2008

For those of you who don’t recall I recently contacted ESPN’s Ombudsman — apparently the publics’ liaison to ESPN management (yeah right) — where I proceeded to piss and moan regarding ESPN and Duke, and how the two are virtually interchangeable.

(You can catch the rest of it here: The People Of TNB Versus ESPN)

After patiently waiting by my e-mail inbox for six days, I was blessed with a response:

A note from Le Anne:
I cannot respond personally to all the mail I receive, but I do read and take note of all complaints. When the complaints are specific to a show or to an article on, I forward them to the producer or editor in charge of that content. When there are several complaints on the same topic, I do a weekly tabulation that becomes part of a report sent to all of ESPN’s top management. (I do the same for positive comments.) I cannot assure you that your complaints or mine will result in action, but I can assure you they are not lost in some cyberspace void. They are read, thought about, disseminated.

Thank you,

Le Anne Schreiber

Russell Goldstein
Assistant to the ESPN Ombudsman

Translation: Coach K is currently wiping his ass with a print out of your e-mail. Thank-you.

And the real bitch of it all is that I e-mailed the number one in command, Le Anne Schreiber, but I get a cookie cutter response from the Dwight Schrute of the ESPN Ombudsman’s office; Assistant to the ESPN Ombudsman. I wonder if the popular, good looking younger co-worker corrects Russell Goldstein each time he walks around the office telling everyone he is Assistant ESPN Ombudsman?


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