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Kentucky vs. Tennessee Halftime Report

Posted by Matt on January 22, 2008

Not really a report as I missed most of the first half thanks to class — hey, the History of Higher Education needs attention too.

But in the few minutes I’ve been tuned in to ESPN to watch the game:

  1. I have heard a lengthy discussion about Duke being “the toughest team in America,” going on to mention that if only they had a 6-8 guy like Patterson, they’d be the best team in the Nation.  Yeah, my heart really goes out to them, I shed tears every night right before I kiss my Coach Kryzlaksdfasdf;lyuski bobblehead…
  2. I have listened to Brad Nessler say this about a first half-ending three pointer by Chris Lofton: “As if to say one last time, ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU RECRUIT ME?’ because in this arena he is something else!”
  3. I noticed that Bruce Pearl picked up a sweet leisure suit sports coat from the local Salvation Army depot just for us.

OK, so it looks like our bookie’s numbers are going to cover on the nauseating blazer, the Duke references, and Chris Lofton fellating.  FANTASTIC.  Feel free to let me know if I unfortunately missed the chest paint flashbacks…


This has been on ESPN’s Men’s Basketball homepage since shortly after 4:00PM, by the way…

Time for the second half.  I know most of you may not be Kentucky fans so I aplogize in advance but here’s whats in store for tomorrow and/or Thursday:

  • ESPN’s Ombudsman replies to my Duke bitchings
  • My thoughts on a silver lining for this sub-.500 ‘Cats squad

Until later… 


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