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Viewer Feedback – Bengals’ Style

Posted by Matt on January 21, 2008

Indianamatt, who runs the fine site Licensed to Blog (link), left the following question in the thread for Striving For Mediocrity, a recent post on the Cincinnati Bengals:

“What’s your take on Zimmer?”

It may not seem like much but it was actually a great question as not much has been said about the Bengals’ new defensive coordinator on this site or, especially, in the media in general. I decided to do a small write up instead of merely answering the question in the thread and if anybody ever has any similar questions posted in on any of the articles we have here, we will attempt to do the same. We love discussion and that’s why we do this site as it is a way for people to share views if they want to.


That being said, I have a solid outlook for Zimmer. It is like I told my roommate, something obviously needed to be done to appease the fans, especially after Carson’s comments, but I don’t know how much of an immediate difference it is going to make as is the case with any regime change. I think the Bengals will steadily improve on that side of the ball but they aren’t going to turn in to the Steel Curtain.

Zimmer has some solid experience and a decent resume on defense. He did well in Dallas running the 4-3 but it seems like he’ had his most success on defense in the college ranks — not to take anything away from what he did with the Cowboys, mind you. As far as last year goes, you can’t really point to anything he did in Atlanta the one year he was there because that franchise is in absolute shambles with the distractions of Vick, Petrino/D-Hall, and the odd release of defensive lineman Grady Jackson — who went on to finish the season strong in Jacksonville and was an important part of the win over the Steelers in the Wild Card game.

Zimmer is a 4-3 guy through and through and I think that solidifies the fact that we have to pick up some linebackers this offseason. Nobody knows if Odell Thurman will ever play football again and we were so depleted at the linebakers position by the end of the year that Marvin was moving Robert Geathers off of the defensive line.

Do I think Zimmer is better than Bresnahan? Yes and with the atmosphere surrounding the Bengals, even if he was merely Chuck’s equal something had to be done to spark change. Do I think he was the BEST available? Maybe not but that is tough to determine as teams don’t have to allow their coordinators to interview with other teams unless it is for the head coach’s position — that’s an NFL rule. What I do know is that Zimmer has the potential to improve the defense immensely (‘potential’ ALWAYS being the key word with the Bengals) but Marvin and, more importantly, Mike Brown has to put the personnel on the field for Mike to work with.

And when it comes scouting for player personnel with the Bengals, well, we all know how I feel about that…

Linkage: Striving For Mediocrity


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