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Rackin’ And Stackin’ The SEC Coaches

Posted by Matt on January 19, 2008

Paul Finebaum, a noted columnist out of the Birmingham, Alabama area, ranks the football coaches in the SEC from 1 to 12 on a yearly basis with 1 being the best and 2 being the “worst” — I use that term loosely because you can’t be a terrible coach and still be a coach in the SEC.

Now I don’t know the guy personally but he comes across as kind of douchey looking to me and, as expected, I basically disagree with most of everything he said.  Well, maybe not everything but here are his 12 in order and you can decide for yourself.  I’ll spare you of his justifications, if you want to read them the link is at the bottom.

  1. Mark Richt, Georgia
  2. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
  3. Urban Meyer, Florida
  4. Nick Saban, Alabama
  5. Les Miles, LSU
  6. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn
  7. Phil Fulmer, Tennessee
  8. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas
  9. Houston Nutt, Ole Miss
  10. Sylvester Croom, Mississippi State
  11. Rich Brooks, Kentucky
  12. Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt

Now obviously I disagree with #11 from the start and Finebaum himself doesn’t seem to be able to fathom why he is typing Rich Brooks’ name next to “11.” but he does so anyhow:

“It just doesn’t seem fair that Brooks can do as well as he has the past two years and still not be able to move up in this ranking.”

Brooksie, however, isn’t the only ranking I disagree with — and my qualm is with bias aside as I am not going to vault Rich to the top just because he coaches at Kentucky.  I also think that, in a conference with 5 coaches owning National Championships, it is a disservice to NOT have one of those at #1.  Now I don’t know the exact criteria Paul used for his list but he does go on to say:

“…the list is a comprehensive analysis of the coaches and their current value.”

My thought process may have been different than Paul’s was and I took an approach to making my list as if I were an athletic director looking to hire one of the SEC’s coaches to start building a program NOW and how I would rank these coaching prospects based on abilities, name recognition, past success, etcetera.  Also, I ignored the fact that Bobby Petrino is a lying bastard…

Here is how my 12 stack up:

  1. Urban Meyer, Florida
  2. Nick Saban, Alabama
  3. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
  4. Les Miles, LSU
  5. Mark Richt, Georgia
  6. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas
  7. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn
  8. Phil Fulmer, Tennessee
  9. Rich Brooks, Kentucky
  10. Houston Nutt, Ole Miss
  11. Sylvester Croom, Mississippi State
  12. Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt

OK, so Paul and I both agree that Vanderbilt just sucks — except at producing huge nerds who will make a lot of money one day —  but other than the ‘Dores, our lists differ in many ways.

What say you? Rank ’em in the thread below…

♣  Linkage: Everything Alabama


One Response to “Rackin’ And Stackin’ The SEC Coaches”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    I haven’t seen the list myself, but it’s hard to rank coaches in a conference that had 10 bowl-eligible teams last season.

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