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Ain’t No Lovin’ Like Louisville Lovin’

Posted by Matt on January 18, 2008


The Louisville Cardinals throttled #13 Marquette last night at home 71-51 but unfortunately the marquee matchup in the Big East was of little concern. Throughout the week leading up to the matchup with Marquette, the image above caused quite a stir in the Louisville area after it was used included picture for the top story of the day that the Cardinals finally beat the Wildcats the day before back on January 5th. Apparently the image of man-love offended many, with some readers of the Louisville Courier-whatever going as far as demanding an apology.

Its sad that in the year 2008 an image of victorious celebration such as this could be contested so highly by a teams’  own fans who apparently fail to realize that there are more male-to-male “good game” ass taps in athletics than there are in a gay pride parade.  Get over it. 

And to think all this time I thought the fine citizens of Louisville, Kentucky were better than that. Wait, who am I kidding, I have never thought that…and hey, at least Mark Coury wasn’t smoochin’ on Perry Stevenson…

Linkage: Louisville Courier-Journal

Editor’s Note: I realize Louisville beat Kentucky in basketball this year but we had won three straight years prior to this — listen, even ugly people get laid every once in a while.


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