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Dolphins Hire Tony Sparano, Paulie Walnuts

Posted by Matt on January 17, 2008

tsoprano.jpg paulie.jpg

Tony Sparano, apparently NOT to be confused with Tony Soprano, was officially named as the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins yesterday — all of which came as no surprise to many due to Sparano’s ties to Parcells in Dallas. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, the looting of their teams’ coaching staff has only just begun as Sparano will likely take a handful of he and Parcells’ guys with him to South Florida while Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett could be a shoe-in for multiple coaching jobs around the league unless Jerry Jones decides to make him some sort of head coach-in-waitng a la Jimbo Fisher at Florida State.  I am quite sure this is all happening for Dallas sooner than expected as most believed Romo and Company would still be on the road to the Super Bowl come this time.

I have actually been impressed with the shakeups being made in Miami by Bill Parcells, although I guess it should not come as much surprise as it really did not matter what The Tuna did he couldn’t have done much worse with the team than the 1-15 season they just had.   It will be interesting to see the direction this team goes in terms of player personnel as Sparano is respected as an offensive guru but the Dolphins’ defense will also need some help with age now becoming a factor…

The real Tony Sparano.



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