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Striving For Mediocrity

Posted by Matt on January 13, 2008


It is no secret to ‘The Queen City’ — and has been the topic of many debates — that the Cincinnati Bungles are home to the NFL’s smallest personnel unit with six scouts and execs; keep in mind that the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots have 14 personnel staff members while the Shitsburgh Steelers have 10.

But no, don’t let that be a point of concern.

“‘I think we’re efficient and I don’t apologize for that. I think that’s what we should try to be,’ Brown said last week in a rare media session with and The Cincinnati Enquirer. ‘Since everyone has more scouts than we do and there are just as many (teams) below us as there are above us, is that the answer?'”

‘Atta boy, Mikey!  Way to compete for average. 

The expose on Mike Brown by my early pick for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize, Geoff Hobson, went on:

“Brown points to the club’s .525 winning percentage since Lewis became head coach in 2003, which is behind 14 teams and ahead of 17 others.”

“‘Isn’t that what matters?’ Brown asked. ‘This is the product. Not the number of employees, but what the group as a whole produces. I would argue that we do well.'”

Basically Brown points to being average and then uses that as justification for how he’s ran the team…unbelievable…all on top of patting himself on the back for landing Carson Palmer.  Yeah, the Heisman Trophy winning stud who was everyone’s top draft pick was a real stretch — he really did his homework…

Need I remind him of some of his lesser-respected draft picks?: A Walk Down Memory Lane 

And if you’re wondering why the Bengals can lead the league in arrests each year but not any positive, on-the-field statistical categories:

“Rang ( senior analyst) says the problem others point to about a small staff is the character issue. And the Bengals have been bit by that, particularly in the ’05 draft where off-field problems for just Odell Thurman and Chris Henry alone have cost them 42 games in NFL suspensions.   ‘When I’ve talked to other teams, they tell me how much interviewing now has to be done at the school visits for character,” Rang said. “Not just coaches, but trainers, equipment guys, tutors. If you’ve got a small staff, that may be too much for one guy, and maybe some of that stuff isn’t discovered.'”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.  It is inexplicable to me as to why the Bengals continue to operate in this fashion with the lack of winning seasons, the off-of-the-field issues, etcetera.  It is obvious that Mike Brown is no Paul Brown but with the money he has you would think that he would, at some point, want to field a real winner.  A team everybody can be proud of.  But the aforementioned comments tell the tale.

So wonder no more as to why the Bengals can never turn the corner — they’re just striving for mediocrity.



2 Responses to “Striving For Mediocrity”

  1. What’s your take on Zimmer?

  2. Matt said

    Good stuff, Indy, check back Monday morning after 7:00AM as I am putting up the answer in a discussion on that very topic.

    Thanks for the continue support, man.


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