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Kentucky Did What OSU Couldn’t…

Posted by Matt on January 8, 2008


That’s right, the Kentucky Wildcats did in the regular season what OSU couldn’t in the National Championship game and that is beat the LSU Tigers.

I can hear the excuses now. Last year it was: “We had too much time off.” This year it will be: “LSU had a home game and all of the calls by the referees went for the Tigers.”

Listen, there were plenty of Ohio State fans in the Silverdome they just had to travel farther. Period. And I don’t think the Big East officiating crew really cared about the outcome of the game unless Tim Donaghy somehow got penciled in as Line Judge.

But I digress as this isn’t meant to be a knock against the Buckeyes since “The” Ohio State University hasn’t done anything directly wrong to me. This is, instead, a discussion regarding the SEC and to once-and-for-all put to rest the talk by the media regarding the SEC being overrated this year while message boarders have supposedly blown the conference out of proportion (trust me, they get on my nerves too but just because you may disagree, it doesn’t mean forum crazies are always wrong).

To all of that I say this: The SEC was 7-2 in nine Bowl games this year and the SEC has the last two National Champions. Believe it.

(This all with a Steve Spurrier-led team NOT making a Bowl — show me another conference with that depth.)

And if you’re an Ohio State fan watching yours truly praise the entire Southeastern Conference — teams my Kentucky Wildcats have to play each season — while you couldn’t possibly fathom rooting for Michigan out of loyalty to the Big Ten (or vice versa) remember this:

Kentucky’s biggest rival is out-of-conference Louisville and I am willing to root for almost anything that will make the Wildcats look better while starting to prove all of the critics wrong who say Kentucky’s success is simply a fluke or due to the SEC being overrated this year. It is time to give credit where credit is due and Kentucky is 16-10 the past two season with back-to-back Bowl victories and did the one thing this season that Ohio State couldn’t.

Beat LSU.

Go ‘Cats.




2 Responses to “Kentucky Did What OSU Couldn’t…”

  1. Condo said

    Ohio State shot themselves in the foot one too many times last night and LSU made them pay for it. I was impressed with the fact that OSU at least didn’t ‘pack it in’ and they played hard for the entire game. I will not make excuses about playing them in their own backyard because this Ohio State team hadn’t lost on the road all year in hostile environments such as Penn State and Michigan. No sense making an excuse like that now.

    Obviously as you know Matt that I will never disrespect the SEC or Kentucky. Kentucky has earned ALOT of respect from myself in football over these past couple of seasons. Kentucky and the SEC deserve all of the credit this year as they did a heckuva job.

    I certainly believe, like everyone else that until a ‘legitimate’ playoff system is put in place, that there is still no ‘real’ way to prove a #1 team in most years, but that’s the nature of college football.

    Anyways, congratulations to the LSU Tigers, Kentucky Wildcats and the rest of the SEC this season. You deserve it.

  2. Bake said

    We all know that the Big 10, with all of its 11 teams (good job couting)….is extremely over-rated. I was exhausted by the end of the season hearing all of the OSU fans state their case that they are the best team in the Nation. I’m not saying LSU is the best team, in my opinion, I give it to USC, but the SEC is far more talented than the crappy Big 10. Matt is my hero.

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