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More People Can Now Watch Cubs Collapse

Posted by Matt on January 5, 2008


Ain’t no party like a Sweet Lou party ’cause a Sweet Lou party don’t stop!

With the Reds being at or near the bottom of the National League Central Division on a yearly basis it is not often I have much to cheer about so I have to get my shots in on Bob Swerski and his Cubbies while I can.

That being said, it was announced yesterday that Wrigley Field and the Cubs will add room for seating for nearly 70 more in what are being called “bullpen box seats.” — meaning 70 more people will be in attendance each game to watch the Cubs inevitably blow it come September.

Apparently the organization had to receive permission from the city of Chicago to modify the stadium as Wrigley Field has historic landmark status.

Yeah, a historic landmark of SUCK!

I’ve got nothing…go Reds…



3 Responses to “More People Can Now Watch Cubs Collapse”

  1. Let’s hope they blow it way before September. I’m a Cards fan, but I’d like to see the Reds get it going.

  2. Cardinals and Reds can both suck my Chicago balls. This Cubs will not only win the NL Central this year, but they will make it to the World Series (and then lose). As for the Cardinals and Reds, I predict that if it weren’t for the Pirates that they would be the bottom feeders all year. You all suck.

  3. Matt said

    Hahaha, sorry Bob…I was only joking. Trust me, I know my Reds suck — that’s why I have to get my shots in while I can…

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