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Posted by Matt on January 2, 2008


The Cincinnati Bengals have finally pulled the trigger on defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan after finishing 28th, 30th, and 27th in total defense in the NFL in the past three seasons since signing on with the team early 2005. The team finished 22nd points/28th yards in 2005, 17th points/30th yards in 2006 and 24th points/25th yards this season to close out what has been a less than mediocre stint in Cincinnati.

After quarterback Carson Palmer recently told the press he didn’t feel this batch of coaches could take the team to the proverbial next level, I could have cared less how positively Marvin Lewis tried to spin the statement and his coaches’ performances this year, change was inevitable. You simply can’t have THE captain of your team and franchise quarterback, who happens to be a very respected and not-so-out spoken player, question your coaching staff without change ensuing.

And here we are. Chuck Bresnahan has been fired — along with linebackers coach Ricky Hunley — and I would like to think that the “FIRE CHUCK” campaign found on the top navigation bar had something to do with it. OK, probably not but one can wish, right?



3 Responses to “Finally.”

  1. nygiantstalk said

    go to for a great upcoming site!

  2. It’s about time. It’s like a late Christmas gift for me.

  3. Matt said

    Agreed. Better late than never, right?

    Thanks for the comment Indianamatt and thanks for stopping by, I’ll throw your link up on the
    Friends Of” section.

    Good stuff.


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