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A Christmas Miracle

Posted by Matt on December 23, 2007


Roughly three and one-half months after the brutal hit opening day that left Buffalo Bill Kevin Everett paralyzed from the neck down, the miracle story keeps writing itself as the tight end spoke to his teammates this morning while standing on his own two feet.

Thanks to some sort of body temperature lowering procedure that I’ll never be intelligent to understand at a facility where Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson was ironically one of the biggest financial donors, Everett will eventually walk again. 

It has taken 2 and one-half months of rehab for Kevin to get to make it back to Buffalo for the last home game of the season and the only factor keeping him from walking to the 50 yard line today is treacherous New England conditions that will jeopardize his safety.

If you’re looking for a Christmas Miracle this holiday season, look no farther than the NFL in Buffalo as Kevin Everett is a walking one.




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