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Good, Ol’ Fashioned Duke Bashing

Posted by Matt on December 20, 2007


With Kentucky’s struggles, I really need something to lift me up today and nothing is more effective than some standard Duke bashing around the holidays — especially since they’re vulnerable now that their ‘#1 Fan’ Dickie V. is down for the count thanks to after throat surgery…


Anyways, as I was saying…Duke bashing should be a national past-time as they’re a team that we can all agree to hate. Coach Krywasdwhatever? Hate him. J.J. Reddick? Still hate him. Their documented love affair? Hate that, too.


Not to mention Duke’s cheerleaders are, at minimum, an 8 beer lay:


So whenever all of you loyal readers get down about yourself or you think you’ve hit an all new low just remember Duke is likely hated more than you are.


Ahh…I feel much better now.

Linkage: Thanks to Truth About for the images!


6 Responses to “Good, Ol’ Fashioned Duke Bashing”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Man, those cheerleaders made me realize why I respect Crichton’s dance team even more lol.

  2. Condo said

    This one hurts pretty bad man… I’m not gonna lie.

    Though I gotta admit, even as a Duke fan… it’s pretty damn hilarious

  3. Matt said

    Haha, sorry man…it’s all in good fun, though.

    Trust me, I realize my team is tanking worse than the Dolphins right now so it wasn’t done with some sort of blinders on…

  4. Steve said

    Nice job Matt, and the dookies go down to defeat tonight too!

  5. Aedhelgrim said

    I’ve hated Duke ever since they sold innocent lacrosse players up the river, without so much as lube for the massive fucking over they did to those poor young men. And I’ll continue to hate Duke until Dick Brodhead and the Klan of 88 is expunged from that campus.

  6. Sintro said

    Q:How do you get a Duke graduate off your front porch?

    A:Pay him for your pizza.

    Q:How many Duke freshmen does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A:We don’t know, that’s a sophmore class.

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