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Florida State Criminoles

Posted by Matt on December 18, 2007


I will start this post off by saying ‘knock on wood’ as I spent a preseason calling the Cleveland Browns the Cleveland Clowns and if it weren’t for the ridiculously horrible play by the Baltimore Ravens, my Bungles would be the laughing stock of the AFC North yet again (not that they have ever elevated themselves above that status in their 15+ seasons of inferiority).

Now that being said, it seems like the Criminoles never fail us each season and Florida State’s business has taken a slightly higher importance for me this year as they happen to be Kentucky’s opponent in the Music City Bowl. Well it appears as if up to 20 players could/will be suspended for the Music City Bowl, as well as the first three games of next season,

The suspensions are stemming from certain players’  involvement in a classroom cheating scandal regarding an internet-based course.  Something about a tudor giving athletes answers.

Wow, what nerve.  Unjustifiably assisting athletes to the point of plagiarism because they bring in millions for their respective universities — this has to be a first.  Just atrocious and I am almost embarrassed to be an American because of  this.  Such dishonesty.

And I can stand on my moral high ground and judge others while simultaneously bathing in their misfortunes because when I cheated on my internet-based courses I didn’t get caught.

Go Wildcats.



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