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Get Off Of Crichton

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on December 17, 2007

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming part-owner of TNB, it’s this:

No one likes it when you’re successful.

And in the world of college sports, where message boards regarding what goes on at your local college are about as common as those dumb things I do in front of the random hottie, with plenty of faceless cowards believe that certain colleges — even in the NAIA — get the extra benefit and write vile and sleazy things about young men who are trying to make something of themselves.

On Friday afternoon prior to the beginning of practice at Streets Ministries Arena, Coach Walker made light of the comments made by certain forum moderators on Victory Sports Network, a site that is devoted to NAIA athletics.

“No one likes us,” he said to us, “they hate us because we have more African-Americans at our school, that we’re in Memphis, and God knows what else.”

According to many of the forum moderators on VSN, Crichton had been accused — along with newcomer Blue Mountain College — of playing conference games in November and December, leaving the nine other members to wait until January to start their conference schedule.

When in reality, and this is prevalent in some conferences around the country, there was some things that were beyond their control that allowed this to happen.

The schedule that many people had followed for the first few weeks of the season was, according to Coach Dee Wilkes, a total screwup when I asked him about what had been seen posted around school and at Blockbuster on Poplar Avenue.

At this point in the season, Crichton was supposed to head to St. Louis to face Harris-Stowe on December 1st and then have a home game with them on December 15th, according to the original schedule.

But the revised schedule showed a home game against Harris-Stowe on December 8th and then a trip to St. Louis on December 18th.

The same thing could be said about games against Blue Mountain College which were supposed to be played on November 8th and December 4th but, according to the revised schedule, the home game would be played on November 16th and the road game would be played on December 6th.

That’s not those guys’ fault, however, because both schools agreed to play each other early out of respect for Crichton’s lack of an adequate on-campus facility.

“They think we cheat, that we run up the score on inferior opponents,” I said to someone one afternoon when I looked at the stats from the Blue Mountain game at home.

Okay, when you face a team that has a center my height (6’2) and depends heavily on the three, what outcome do you expect when you’re going up against a balanced team?

Sure, it’s not fun to beat up on cheesecake opponents, but when Crichton made a trip to Blue Mountain on December 6th the Toppers, for whatever reason, decided that instead of using the 3 as their sole means of victory, they would pull dirty moves to maybe get revenge on what happened from a game on November 16th when they were embarrassed at Streets Ministries.

Much of the grunt towards Crichton is the fact that the school, despite the fact that it is in a predominantly white neighborhood and sits a mere few blocks from that school near South Highland Avenue, is taking chances on players that nobody in Memphis probably have even heard of.

In other words, diamonds in the rough.

Sure, the Comets are two games up on everybody along with Blue Mountain College and maybe there is something going on.

But it’s not all about that.

It’s about a bunch of faceless cowards who probably are somewhere relieving themselves to a picture of Lindsay Lohan or one them hotties I post on my own personal sports blog while they type on a message board that is probably read by a vast majority of people who have a fifth-grade education and think we’re Creighton University.

If this was a school with a predominantly white team like maybe Blue Mountain or Lyon College, then we wouldn’t hear anything about Crichton being given an unfair advantage.

We wouldn’t even hear a whisper.

But because this is a team with a predominantly black lineup, we have to hear all of this mess, all of which I’m sure doesn’t matter that much to anyone on the team.

They’re taking the high road and ignoring it, and you can’t blame them.

If the people who write these things on message boards took the time out and did their research in order to formulate a better opinion of situation at hand, then we would all be able to get along.

But at the end of the day, it’s not going to change anything about people’s perceptions.

Only thing that can be changed in this is doing a better job of researching the situation and taking a better look of it at hand.

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