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Buy Low Sell…Low

Posted by Matt on December 15, 2007


There is a core principal in the financial world: buy low, sell high.  Well apparently Miami Dolphins’ owner Wayne Huizenga missed that day of Economics 101 as the Waste Management pioneer is considering a sale of the fledgling franchise citing “frustration.”

Listen, I get it.  The Dolphins suck.  And it is painful for even me to watch a team not named the Steelers get throttled 13-40 by the New York Jets — a team that will be lucky to win 5 games this season.  But that being said, Wayner would be lucky to recoup merely what he paid for the team at this point — even without considering inflation — in the event he were to go through with the rumored sale to two Miami area real estate tycoons. 

Again, I understand being embarrassed and pissed off but there is really no need for a rush — the team can’t get much worse than it is now meaning the price can’t get much lower.  Huizenga might as well weather the storm at this point, he’s come this far, and wait for better weather so he can at least get a ruturn on his investment. 

It is his team, however, so I guess if he really wants to sell the team this season, fine.  But he should at least wait until they win a single game.



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