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Pacers Won’t Punish Tinsley, Apparently Being Shot At Was Enough

Posted by Matt on December 11, 2007


Actual headline: “Pacers decide not to punish Tinsley for involvement in shooting”

Now, I am not even sure why the Pacers might be considering punishing Tinsley.  I understand he has quite the history and he admittedly put himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, but the early report states that Tinsley was not carrying a firearm and wasn’t the one doing the shooting.  It seems awfully tough to discipline someone who was being shot at by a .223 caliber made-for-modern-warefare assault rifle.   Usually I take a strict stance on situations like this and it certainly won’t bode well for the image of the NBA, but I think the prospect of death by firearm is punishment enough.

Because it was punishment enough for me when I was shot at — but I guess I should’ve expected that reaction for trying to steal a gun from a cop.  Hey, what can I say, they triple-dog-dared me…

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