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Bobby Petrino Just Kidding About That Whole Leaving Louisville Thing

Posted by Matt on December 11, 2007


This was the happiest point in the relationship.

On a day when their franchise quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to nearly two years in Federal p.m.i.t.a. prison, the Atlanta Falcons were beaten manhandled by the New Orleans Saints, and Drew Brees’ birth mark, to the tune of 34-14. Now I didn’t actually watch the game as there are only so many Michael Vick and Hurrican Katrina discussions I can stomache in one lifetime, but I would have to guess that, with each embarassing moment, Bobby Petrino is seriously rethinking the events of the past nine months.

Not to mention that I am sure it also does not help that things aren’t all that rosey for Steve Kragwhatever and with the Louisville faithful wondering ‘what might’ve been’ had Petrino stayed.

The Falcons are 3-10. The Cardinals are 6-6 and home for the holidays. Atlanta’s franchise quarterback is next in line to be the quarterback for The Longest Yard 2. Louisville’s golden boy Brian Brohm plummeted off of Heisman lists and draft boards, spiraling in to obscurity (maybe not THAT bad) and possibly losing millions in the process.

But I’ll stop there, I am getting dangerously close to sounding like I feel sorry for Louisville, Petrino, and the Atlanta Falcons but truth be told I am loving every minute of this.


6 Responses to “Bobby Petrino Just Kidding About That Whole Leaving Louisville Thing”

  1. Condo said

    Alright, my ‘like’ for Louisville can be held in no longer. Brian Brohm did NOT hurt his draft stock with this season I do not believe. He would have been in the same position as Brady Quinn last season if he had come out. Granted, he was not heard from NEARLY as much this season as he was last season. But he showed NFL scouts he can still put up stats in a brand new system not to mention he showed he can handle some adversity that was thrown at him this season as well.

    Brohm no longer will be what some considered at the end of last year a ‘sure fire #1 pick if he stays one more year’ but he’s still probably going to be a first round draft pick coming off the board after Matt Ryan at the latest.

    Don’t be surprised if Mr. Petrino pictured above convinces management to let him take Brohm with their first round pick this season.

  2. Matt said

    I mean, if you fall out of the Top 10 — i.e. Brady Quinn last season — you’re going to lose some money. Brohm will still get a job and be a good professional quarterback in my opinion but Quinn lost millions last year (mainly in top pick bonuses) when he fell to twenty-whatever. And this is why Cleveland didn’t force him in to the lineup because they aren’t out millions to where they feel obligated not to waste it away on the bench.

    Brohm is still a talent, obviously, but it just makes you look bad when your team falls off from one/two losses the past couple of years to a .500 squad and sitting at home for Christmas Break.

    Not that it is much of his fault…but losing to Syracuse at home just hurts all parties involved…etcetera.

  3. Condo said

    Oh I absolutely understand what you are saying. I am just in the minority that believes Brohm may still be a top 10-15 pick and end up making a lot of money still. Not only that, but it’s not as though he put up ‘bad’ stats. His defense was just so hidious that… well, you get the picture.

    Bottom line, he’s still going to end up a first round pick and make probably the same (if not more) money that he would’ve made last year, plus he now his degree in hand to fall back on if he wants.

  4. Matt said

    I don’t know about more…that depends on what the NFL needs are and what other quarterbacks are in the draft.

    Maybe more money if you consider some sort of odd inflationary factors — haha — but there is no way you can go from Heisman and National Championship contender to not, regardless of any factors, and not fall even slightly…

    I still think he’ll be a helluva quarterback but nobody benefits from a bad season…its just human nature to look at the team differently now…

  5. Condo said

    Well, my thoughts that Brohm would be reunited with Petrino in Atlanta have certainly taken a hit, WOW is all I can say.

  6. Matt said

    I’m going to post on it…because it’s not like I was TRYING to break a news story…but the timing of my/our Petrino article/debate was pretty impeccable. I was just kidding about Petrino kidding…but apparently he wasn’t…

    Good stuff…and this is what keeps me doing what we do…its a helluva lot of fun.

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