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In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lamb

Posted by Matt on December 7, 2007


Doc’s column on the Saint Louis Cardinals from this morning sparked a renewed, if only momentary, interest in baseball this offseason and, more importantly, my Cincinnati Reds.

Then I realized that they’re still the Reds.

After dropping a few dollars on closer Francisco Cordero and manager Dusty Baker, I was almost certain the Reds’ front office would tear in to the MLB Winter Meetings full steam ahead; in like a lion, as they say. That, however, would prove not to be the case as the headlines on all week long mentioned Wayne “Burnt Crispy” Krivsky being content and comfortable staying completely quiet during the annual conference, with the week’s final headline reading “Reds Content To Conclude Quiet Winter Meetings.”

The Reds didn’t even make a splash. In fact, the Reds couldn’t even muster involvement in any rumors — ideas which are usually conjured up against a teams’ will by internet trolls and message board addicts. However, this time around I would’ve welcomed involvement in any trade rumors with open arms, even if they were just rumors, as at least something is better than absolutely nothing.

But no, the Winter Meetings have come and gone without so much as a hiccup by Wayner and Company and, at this point, I guess I should have come to expect nothing more.

Here’s hoping that Cordero is the savior.


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