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The Game That Nobody Will See – Part Deux

Posted by Matt on December 6, 2007

Yeah, you get the joke…NFL Network…etcetera…it wasn’t really funny the first time either, trust me.

A battle of 5-7s tonight as the Chicago Bears head to our nation’s capital to take on the reeling Washington Redskins in what has to have been the toughest week in franchise history to add to a Thursday night game-shortened practice week.


Matt: Chicago Bears.

Charlie: Drunk.

Condo: “Da Bears!”

Doc: Washington Redskins (score details in thread).

Bob: “Daaa Bears.”

Feel free to drop a winner/score prediction in the comments thread. Vegas has the ‘Skins by 3 points, but considering Washington is at home and 3 points are usually given to the home team, consider this one a push…

Here are a few NFL-related hot links to pass the time on this slow Thursday afternoon:

NFL’s Five Most Disappointing Teams

Sports Media Notebook: Expect More Of The Same From NFL Network

Steelers’ Defensive Back Smith Guarantees Win Vs. Perfect Pats

And finally, in honor of the fallen Sean Taylor on a day in which his ‘Skins play on national television, one of the sickest hits you’ll ever see…and in a Pro Bowl game no less – Pete Rose would be proud:

Also, be sure to check Doc’s new one in the ongoing segment for college basketball programs in the south just below; as always, Doc brought his A-game…


One Response to “The Game That Nobody Will See – Part Deux”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    Redskins 20 Bears 10

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