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Anna Rawson Is TNB’s New Favorite Golfer

Posted by Matt on December 5, 2007


Apparently Anna Rawson (MySpace), pictured above, will actually be teeing it up on the links for the LPGA this fall meaning Anna has quickly become every man’s dream girl: an attractive golfer.

Anna will join other lookers such as Paula Creamer, Erica Blasberg, and Natalie Gulbis — who has now been dethroned as T.N.B.’s favorite golfer (sorry Nat, you can’t date Ben Roethlisberger and be in good favor on this site) — to form the makings of the most attractive LPGA field to date:

Blasberg: post-92-1139613645_thumb.jpg Gulbis: natalie-gulbis.jpg

And in case you were wondering…Yes, Michelle Wie is now 18. All of which are a far cry from the typical offerings we’ve come to expect from the LPGA…


18 Responses to “Anna Rawson Is TNB’s New Favorite Golfer”

  1. Just2Cocky said

    Paula Creamer : What a name for a guy’s fantasy girl….LMAO!!!

    In the words of Beavis: “Boingoingoingoing…….”

  2. Matt said

    Hahahaha, J2C..I was thinking the same thing…

    Or in the words of Wayne and Garth:


  3. Doc Hancock said

    Damn that girl looks like the random hottie I be mentioning in my columns.

  4. Matt said

    Who, the fat one at the bottom?

  5. Doc Hancock said

    Hell no……………….paula creamer

  6. jay said

    That’s Erica Blasberg, not Paula Creamer!

  7. WOW! Hubba Hubba!

  8. vadick64 said

    Paula is a true sweetheart. Pure as a fresh snow and twice as pretty. She will enjoy a long and properous career.

  9. Matt said

    She’s also hot.

  10. Jake said

    Matt, it’s “Schwing!” not Shawing. Look it up you jackass!

  11. Jake said

    The babe with the beret is Christina Kim. Here’s another picture of her:

  12. Matt said

    Um, don’t call me a jackass. Thanks.

  13. Matt, you are a jackass :)

  14. Matt said

    Touche, Bob. Tou. Che.

  15. J5 said

    Guys, how do you leave Christie Kerr off the list? She is your all-american hottie type. Also, I think Paula C has come a long way and is really a hottie now. To me, Anna R is just a good looking, stuck up blond BITCH.

    I will admit that at first I thought the fat girl at the top was a joke….but if you check out the thread that was posted above by Jake (and below by me), you may not think of Christina Kim as the LPGA fat girl…..damn, I think she’s actually pretty good looking when she’s all dressed up and ready to hit the town.

  16. MJ said

    Thanks for the comments, J5!!

    I am pretty sure I considered Christie Kerr at the time but I don’t remember…and, to be honest, there are several hot female golfers so it was really tough to get them all.

    As far as Kim goes…it was a semi-joke mainly because her outfit was a little awkward and the pose made her look funny. Plus I think she’s lost some weight now (it is an older picture)…

    Thanks, again!

  17. Ronsan said

    How would this be for a sweet foursome?

    Anna Rawson
    Christie Kerr
    Erica Blasberg
    Suzanne Pettersen

    I would caddy for any of them.

  18. MJ said

    You bring an interesting perspective that nobody else has mentioned…

    And I am assuming that “I would caddy for any of them” is a euphemism for something else?

    Good stuff, Ronsan…THANKS for commenting.

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