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What I’ve Learned From The Weekend

Posted by Matt on December 3, 2007


No, this picture has nothing to do with the post, but Pam from “The Office” (Jenna Fischer) is awesome…as is apparent…

As many of you might know I was gone for the weekend and amidst my travels I have learned quite a bit…

What Matt Has Learned:

1. You cannot touch Tyler Hansbrough. Literally. And not in the MC Hammer context. The guy must pay the refs a hefty sum because he was molesting Kentucky players on one end and then waltzing to the free throw line to the tune of 12 free throw attempts and multiple on-the-floor foul calls at the other. I will never, EVER side with a Duke basketball team but I might be able to understand why they’d see a reason to bloody Tyler’s nose: if he’s going to go to the line so much you might as well make him earn it.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau completely out coached Chuck Bresnahan, the signal caller for the Cincinnati Bungles’ defense. It is unfathomable to me that when the Bengals’ replaced Dick LeBeau as their head coach with Marvin Lewis in 2003 they did not offer LeBeau, an architect of many successful defenses, an immediate position as the new defensive coordinator. Oh yeah…that’s right…it was because Chuck was that much better… Look, constantly throughout the night Dick’s players were simply in the right place on defense, regardless of the play call, and Chuck’s were not. I understand the Bengals’ defense is young and depleted by injuries but to see players streaking uncovered as many times as the Steelers’ wide recievers were is not a product of inexperience or lack of depth, it is simply poor coaching. Regardless of the roster conditions on the defensive side of the ball, even a terrible defender can cover a receiver a few steps behind as long as he is put in the right place by the defensive scheme to start with. Welcome back to obscurity, Cincinnati.

3. Whatever you think you know about college football… don’t. Whoever had Hawaii versus Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and Illinois making the Rose Bowl in the office pool from the start of the season can step forward to accept their prize…any time now… Oh yea, and you had to have Michigan and Florida NOT making a BCS game…and, well, you get the point. Nonetheless, a crazy season of college football ends with some stout Bowl matchups, regardless of your opinions on the system. I really only care about Kentucky in the Music City Bowl (BEAT BOWDEN!) but I’ll be watching the action throughout the holidays. I’ll take the SEC to have a winning record…

4. There are only 3 weeks of shopping days left until Christmas.


4 Responses to “What I’ve Learned From The Weekend”

  1. Doc Hancock said

    I also found out that every stereotype about my ways came true on Friday afternoon.

  2. Just2Cocky said

    OMG……Jenna is so hot, I am sweating.

  3. Just2Cocky said

    Oh…..did you say something Matt?

  4. Matt said

    Hahaha, yeah…she’s a looker for sure.

    I e-mailed her a marriage proposal but I only received a restraining order in return…

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