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Columnist Is A Difference Maker?

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on November 30, 2007

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

It was only two weeks ago that my prediction of Cash Money Records donating champagne bottles in March was more of a sad attempt at humor when I wrote about the season ahead in October.

Crichton was coming off their third straight loss to open the season on November 14th when they faced Tougaloo on the road, LSU was still in the driver’s seat for the National Championship, and I finally nailed an interview with the random hottie for this very blog you’re reading now.

But as the Bob Dylan song goes, the times changed for the better when the basketball program decided to take a chance on a loud, cocky, and sometimes funny sports columnist to be the new manager for the basketball team.


Four months removed from telling the world about cheesecakes, a month removed from being a member of “Murderers’ Row”, a row of seats at Streets Ministries where some of Crichton’s A-list celebrities hold court, I end up being the manager of a team that, for lack of better terms, was stuck in a season-opening funk.

“We expect big things out of you,” Coach Dee said to me on my first day, which happened to be the same thing that was echoed by everyone on the staff.

However, little did I know that my presence on the staff as the student manager would, as of this writing, turn the season around.

Since November 16th — my first day on the job — the Comets have won three of their last four games, including two straight at home, to bring their record to 3-4 and 1-0 in the TransSouth Conference.

Not to mention 3-1 in the Doc Hancock Era.

“You’re a difference maker,” Coach Ryans said to me after the Comets’ second straight win at Fisk on November 19th.

Stop right there.

Crichton’s sudden burst of success didn’t come from my presence on the staff, if that’s what you think.

Since I took the job, the shooting from the perimeter for the Comets has been improved from the 4-of-19 that it had against Philander Smith in the home opener. In fact, two nights ago, the Comets shot 50 percent from the perimeter in their win over Tougaloo, going 8-of-16 with most of them coming from DeMario Chaffin and Zaric Brackovic, who is among the conference leaders in three-point shooting.

Consistent play on both sides of the ball, better ball-handling, and, of course, cleaning up the boards has made this team rise up to the occasion.

Marcus Butler, who will be without question the starting point guard next season when Derrick Boykin ends his career donning the black and silver, has played with the heart of a lion out on the floor coming off of the bench.

And the trio of Sapp, Stan “The Technician” Brownlee, and Sly Watkins has thrown more ‘bows than Ludacris in one of his earliest hits “Southern Hospitality” down in the paint.

Sure enough, my presence on the team as manager has done more good than harm.

Outside of a controversial column that I wrote for a sister blog and a mishap with an antique washer machine, there’s no question that I had only a small percentage in changing the fortunes of the basketball team.

The 97 percent, or however much you want to place in this column, goes to the team.

Because as they say, basketball is a brotherhood.

Not a country club.


One Response to “Columnist Is A Difference Maker?”

  1. Ryan,

    You are a gifted writer and I enjoy reading your stuff. We are very appreciative that you are now our team’s manager. Keep on writing.

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