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The Game That Nobody Will See

Posted by Matt on November 29, 2007

Just reminding everyone, as if it hasn’t been mentioned before on every talking-head sports show this week, nobody is going to get to watch this game; SURPRISE.

Something about billionaires fighting with billionaires…and…I don’t really know. Whatever. I get the channel, so you can all come over to my place.

Anyways, the almost undefeated Dallas Cowboys take on the almost undefeated Brett Favres at home in Dallas-Fort Worth…just in case you didn’t know. Feel free to discuss the bad calls or how much you can’t see the game because Time Warner doesn’t carry the NFL Network in the comments thread below.


Matt: Cowboys

Charlie: Missing In Action (Packers).

Condo: Cowboys

Doc: “Pack by 10.”

Bob: Drunk.

There you have it. The rest of this weeks picks will be up by Sunday, per usge, and we’ll have another traditional type blog post from Doc on life at Crichton sometime tomorrow afternoon along with other random thoughts from the week.


One Response to “The Game That Nobody Will See”

  1. Condo said

    Apparently Aaron Rodgers had a coming out party last night in relief of Farve. Granted the Packers still lost… surprised the NFL Network and Cable didn’t with hold the results and statistics of the game from the internet too.

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