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No Fun League

Posted by Matt on November 26, 2007


I usually don’t sound off on the announcers (unless you are Mike Patrick talking about Britney Spears), and I especially don’t criticize the Bengals’ own Boomer Esiason much either, but Esiason teamed up with my most hated Shitsburgh product in Bill Cowher to tee off on Chad Johnson regarding his First Half touchdown celebration — which consisted of getting behind a CBS camera for five seconds and taking a shot of the Bengals’ sideline. In fact, not only could they not let it go long enough during Halftime to analyze the actual game or talk about the other scores, they got back on their respective soap boxes in the post-game discussion in a contest the Bengals won 35-6.

To summarize, their arguments against this celebration were as follows:

  1. The ensuing penalty hurts the team and sends mixed messages to all involved.
  2. It undermines Coach Lewis to his team and embarrasses him in front of the fans.
  3. The Bengals are not good enough to have anything to celebrate about and Chad hadn’t scored since the second game

1. The penalty MAY HAVE cost the Bengals enough field position for a Rob Bironas field goal in a game the Bengals won by 29 points, but we’ll actually never know if the defense would have stopped them without the extra 10 or 15 yards on the kickoff. Additionally, I don’t care if it was a close game at the time and I don’t care to hear arguments such as: “what if it decided the game” — because it didn’t. And quite frankly, it was arguably NOT a penalty as it did not actually use any item on the field of play as a prop and it occurred outside the broad white line that separates players from picture takers. Any other celebrations that are allowed that also occur outside that broad white line come to mind?:


2. As far as Coach Lewis is concerned the man has never publicly and directly denounced Chad’s celebrations and whenever Marvin has tightened the reigns on #85, he has obliged. Also, any one paying any attention to the actual game would have noticed that Coach Lewis himself even had a smirk on his face when he greeted Chad as he returned to the sidelines. There has not been one teammate to publicly speak out against C.J. and his celebrations and never once has any team member undermined Coach Lewis’s authority to the media. Yet, for some reason, guys like Cowher and Esiason want to blow the entire celebration situation out of proportion instead of discussing the actual game, as if these sparse celebrations by Chad are the reasons for the Bengals’ troubles this year. They fail to call the franchise out on poor play calling, a bad defense, and character issues that make San Quentin look like a monastery and not a prison as the reasons for their demise this season.

3. “The Bengals aren’t good enough…” – They’re right, the Bengals aren’t good enough…at least not to make the playoffs. However, this team has had little to celebrate about in the past year thanks to arrests, injuries, and terrible play and sometimes it is just nice TO have something to celebrate about. It is a proven fact that when Chad has his swagger and gets his enthusiasm going early and feels apart of the total package he performs well — as evident by his career-high 12 receptions and his career-high tying 3 touchdowns in today’s game. So whatever gets Chad’s “sexy back,” and the teams’ confidence and swagger back for that matter, is well worth it because after Rudi and Chad each scored touchdowns for the first time in a long time, the Bengals took off like a jet airplane. If the penalty means getting his team back and it is something the fans enjoy — thus getting the crowd back in to the game (if you believe the fans DON’T enjoy it in Cincinnati, please tell me why 1 in every 3 jerseys is a Chad Johnson jersey) — then I don’t think Coach Lewis will mind the 15 yard hit. And if you don’t think Coaches use these tactics in games to win their teams back I could show you a video of 75% of technical fouls called against basketball coaches or I could just present to you Exhibit A:

Yeah…Georgia won that game against a higher-ranked opponent and hasn’t lost since.

Listen, this is the NFL and it is a billion-dollar enterprise. It is a business and that business is to entertain me. If Coach Cowher and Boomer Esiason want “just the game” without frills or celebrations then they should make a career move to the college and high school ranks. College and high school football is a game where, I can agree that, most celebrations are a bit too much as not all of the teams have the same fiscal opportunites among each other as all teams in the NFL do and the players aren’t there for large salaries and a job entertaining the masses, they are there to get help paying for and education, better career opportunities, and to become better, more well-rounded men. But do you know why the two of them won’t make that move down? Because there are far fewer well paying jobs in college football, and especially in high school football, being talking heads than there is in the NFL. The total package of professional football just makes more money because guys like myself, who have paid $70 for a Bengals jersey that cost about $1.79 to make, are entertained and become the reason Cowher and Esiason earned the big bucks while coaching and playing, respectively, and now have jobs where people care about what they talk about. On top of earning our dollars by entertaining us, the thought of what Chad Johnson might do in his celebration if he does score is just about the only reason to watch a Bengals game these days.

I watch University of Kentucky football games because I am a student at the school and feel a part of it all. I watch the games to celebrate with the wins and be deflated with the losses. It isn’t about entertainment for me because there is nothing entertaining about being a nervous wreck for four hours every Saturday and having your heart broken 50% of the time. Now that’s not to say you can’t take pride in your team in the NFL; however, I watch the NFL to be entertained and watch the top athletes in the world compete in the world’s most popular sport this side of futbol…whatever that is.

Penalizing every Tom, Dick, and Harry for smiling after they score takes away from the pure competition that is supposed to be occurring on the field and causes two pundits, such as Cowher and Esiason, to discuss at length an event that did not happen on the field of play instead of talking about the 150 that did.


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