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Consorting With The Enemy That’s Also A Hottie

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on November 20, 2007

Doc’s Note: This is the latest in a series of columns on sports at Crichton. These columns will appear regularly until the end of the school year.

Sports, as well as society at hand has given us a wild variety of rivalries such as blondes vs. brunettes, Colts vs. Cheaters, and Cardinals vs. Cubs.

But beyond those aforementioned rivalries in society and sports, the age-old question of which sex is better, guys or girls, remains at best the granddaddy of them all.

On the eve of the “Battle of the Sexes”, I sat down with the lovely Brittney Davis for a one-on-one conversation about everything from softball to who’s going to win on Friday between the guys and the girls.

“I chose to come to Crichton because I wouldn’t have to choose between which sport I could play,” she said, referring to her double duty as defenseman on the soccer team and pitcher/infielder on the softball team, “Out of high school, I was recruited by Mississippi Delta and another school in Louisiana.”

Ms. Davis also said that with all of the players, with the exception of senior Ginny Galloway, returning in 2008, the women’s soccer team will much improved from this past season.

“The great thing about it is that we have the same coach and system,” she said.

Given the fact that on Tuesday afternoon I watched the film “She’s The Man”, I then asked Ms. Davis if she ever consider pulling a stunt similar to what Amanda Byrnes’ character did in the movie — pose as a guy to get next to someone she liked.

“No,” she replied.

One thing that she pinpointed as her best moment of the 2007 soccer season was when she scored on NAIA powerhouse Lambuth on defense.

“It was amazing,” she said, “because for one, Lambuth is a heavyweight and the fact that I scored on defense against them was what made that moment stand out.”

With the upcoming softball season coming up in a few months, Ms. Davis said that improvements should be expected from this year’s team after finishing 7-33 in 2007 and 5-17 in conference play.

“The thing about softball,” she said to me when I asked her about the difference between baseball and softball, “is that we use metal bats, it’s a different way to pitch, and the fences are shorter. Plus, the ball is bigger.”

While most of the girls I know that play softball follow baseball teams like the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox, I was surprised that Ms. Davis didn’t follow a certain baseball team.

“I love sports,” she said, “but I always liked to participate in sports instead of just being a fan.”

Since this conversation was with a girl who could probably strike out an ex-Little League first baseman turned sports columnist and rival ESPN soccer analyst Heather Mitts or that hottie Cub fan I made a deal with in Carbondale, I brought up the question of whether or not have guys used baseball as a way to break the ice with her.

Her response?


Since Ms. Davis is a graduate of Millington Central High School, which as of this writing is still undefeated at 11-0, I asked her what she thought about the Trojans’ season.

“It’s amazing,” she said, “I plan to go to tomorrow’s night game against Whitehaven.”

Although she didn’t have a nice piece of advice that could be used for this column, she did bring up the standby message of staying in school and doing the right things for young adults.

But when I closed our conversation with her about Friday’s Battle of the Sexes, she quickly made a prediction that the girls were going to win.

“Because I’m on the team.”

We’ll see.

Doc‘s Note: The girls of Crichton won the “Battle of the Sexes” by winning the trivia challenge 3 to 2. Congratulations to them!!!!


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